‘Making The Grade’ – a FREE eBook on timber fundamentals

Jul 18, 2021 | english hardwoods, Wood Books, wood knowledge

The timber industry’s best kept secret. If you work with wood, specify wood, design with wood or think with wood you need it.

Come on in and download a copy…

Making The Grade is a slim but significant wood-book written back in 2005 by two heavyweights of timber and forestry, Ivor Davies and Guy Watt.

It’s our wood bible.

Somehow (don’t ask us how) it’s stayed under the radar.

We see it rolled in coat pockets, or squirreled in desk drawers, to be called on at any given moment by those in the know for a fact check on a QB2/3 equivalent or a quickfire ref. on bark pockets in Beech.

Because it nails the fundamentals of timber grades, conversion, measurement and moisture.

It’s a concise, compact, concentrated and thoroughly trusted resource that’s shorthand for an awful lot of knowledge.

We live & work & think with this book. We learn and re-learn from it everyday.

We think you might want this book too.

The organisations* that made this book happen were good enough to make it available for all in the hope that collective wood knowledge would deepen, that UK wood culture would benefit, that forests might thrive and people who work with wood might aspire a little higher.

So download your copy.

Or bookmark it, screengrab it, onedrive it, iCloud it, evernote it, reMarkable it but keep it somewhere safe so it’s there when you want it because, we promise you, you will.

Then let us know what you think.


*Meet the organisations that supported the publication of Making The Grade…