Let them eat cake

Apr 5, 2012 | english hardwoods

That darling Diane…  look what she made for us! A scrumptious chocolate cake with chocolate icing and chocolate eggs and and and fluffy chicks…  did I mention the chocolate???


Oh I can’t wait to see Grant’s face…  the younger half of  the ‘unit of G’ has a penchant for chocolate cake it turns out…  and the elder half thinks it’s funny to tell him we’re having Hot Cross Buns today for an Easter treat! That sort of tomfoolery is quite typical…

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with Hot Cross Buns per se…  but only freshly baked from a bakery (Hot Cross Buns + Supermarket = NO I’m afraid) but I don’t think the modest Hot Cross Bun is cake enough to satisfy the G-unit and I think Diane must’ve figured this out…  she knew what she was doing when she sent a loaded chocolate cake into this sawmill I’m sure about that.

Cake Cake Cake

So there it is.

Chocolate Cake Wood Panel Chocolate Cake

And there it was… gone.

Wood Panel

And revealed is a lovely bit of Cedar of Lebanon that Philip ran through the planer as a server for the special occasion… clever Philip as always.

So, Happy Easter everyone…!!!

We only wish you all could have been here to share this chocolatey treat with us…  maybe next time?

We hope you all have a fantastic few days off over this coming long weekend.

P.S.  For future reference (as some our friends already know ) cake day is usually Friday…  so if you’re feeling like you need a little pick me up on a Friday afternoon you know where to come… we’re always happy to share! See you soon…

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