Irresistibubble… that’s what it is

Dec 21, 2011 | english hardwoods, flooring timber, furniture timber, joinery timber, kiln dried timber

Walnut boards always makes me think of Aero chocolate bars… which I haven’t even had for years. 

It’s these lovely little pieces of bubbly grained English Walnut boards, they’re busier than one of Peter’s Hawaiian shirts! And speaking of the Master & Commander of the Kiln Dried Shed, he’s been having a tidy up in the English Walnut bay because the new stock is in and he’s chopped off some long ends because they make his bay look untidy.

What a neat freak! 

  walnut waney edge boards in the kiln dried stock shed at cocking sawmills.. small ends have been planed ready for use

I think he thought I wouldn’t spot these little beauties and he’d be able to have all the fun showing them to people himself… but I’m way too much of a busy-body for that, so here they are for you to look at.

Any ideas what you could do with them? 

I think they’d be good for wood turning. I know someone who could make a lovely platter out of one of those – that’s you Mr Bill Thorne. Box making, for jewellery or keepsakes would be good too, or a small side table, or left as a really cool shelf with the waney edge left on… or a set of shelves? Wooden serving platters, that would be amazing.

Right we’ve convinced ourselves, we all want one to take home now and they’re only £10 to £20 each ! 

They’re small enough to go in parcel post or be couriered so if you want one too then call us 01730 816941 to see if there are any left after we’ve all raided them. OR you can email us at and demand to have one sent to you right away OR best of all, you come and pick your own. 


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