They call it the pedestrian combilift.

Jun 8, 2021 | About us

We call it the key to peace in our time.
jared using the pedestrian combilift to unload super prime oak for a customer cutting list selection

We’ll admit it. Pulling timber for 127 live cutting lists at once is a challenge.

When there are 7 of us in the sheds, 4 in the workshop, 2 in the yard, all of us hustling, and the sales team are to-ing, fro-ing, poking, prodding and generally cracking the whip, that’s when we need proper lifting kit that doesn’t have the turning circle of an artic (or sound like one, or cost the same to run as an one) and let’s us get in and out of the timber racks quickly, easily and safely.

We’re talking about seriously low profile timber handling.

These handheld lift trucks made by the clever Combilift people seem to be the answer. They allow us to make faster progress, more safely, in smaller spaces without compromising on capacity.

You can see here Jared’s calmly, quietly and effectively lifting 3 packs of 80mm square edge super prime oak down from that fourth arm. We’re getting more of these things.  And we’re doing more training on them this week so more of us can use them.

The aim is that one day the sheds will no longer sound like a squadron of Darth Vader’s TIE fighters are on the attack and instead peace will reign (in the Galaxy) even though we’re super busy and moving timber like lightening.

Test the system – send us your cutting list then sit back and watch us hustle

You want this Combilift don’t you 


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