Profiles, Mouldings & Components

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We produce profiles, mouldings and machined componentry for joiners and furniture makers.

hardwood timber profile samples for joinery and furniture makers

Pick any spec or profile from any stock, we’ll produce to order.

Some profiles are standard, other bespoke. We’re flexible. And if you need cutters that we don’t already have we can produce new cutters to fit your specification.

Our machine workshop is set up to serve you and your workshop.

It’s there to help shortcut the processing for you, reduce lead times for your jobs, and reduce wear and tear on your space, your machines and your people.

It’s here for you.

We strongly reccommend you use it 😉



Next time you have a job to machine up, get Chris, JJ, Nick and gang to price up the machining for you.

Do the job, log the manhours, the cutter costs, the consumables, tally up the ‘cost’ and then compare it to what we’re offering to see if it would be helpful.

Could you get twice as many jobs through your business if you had us do the 1st stage machining?

Might be worth finding out.

Talk to Ian – the maestro with the numbers and lean logisitics – explain to him what you’re trying to achieve and he’ll help you figure it out if we can help.

door and window profiles coming off the weinig machining mouldings for hardwood joinery and furniture components JF.KD.MP.westernredcedar air dried timber cladding profiles.

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Here’s Ian giving an overview of our workshop services…

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