Hand Crafted With French Walnut

Aug 25, 2022 | furniture timber, our people, wood products

Happiness is a pair of handmade French Walnut side tables…

We know you’ve met Ian, but have you met Jarrad?

Jarrad Belton (Worker With Wood) works with us 2 days a week whilst he hones his craft and making skills.

We like to take advantage of his easy going but industrious character and commission furniture-y pieces from him when we have a need or want.

Our latest ask was a pair of French Walnut tables for Ian.

You’re witnessing the happy handover of two very pretty walnut side tables, light on their feet but heavily endowed with rich grain, colour variation and sleek brass stitches.

Tonight they’re going to their forever home with Ian. We’re very happy that Ian’s happy!

And Jarrad is free for the next commission… hmmmm, what’ll it be we wonder?



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About Jarrad
Visit his instagram feed and follow his furniture making journey
(and look our for his amazing wooden figures! )