Here it is Folks… and all is revealed!

You’re looking at the TIMBER SALE PRICE LIST as it stands today (we’re not promising we won’t add more stock between now and Pancake Day!) all ready to go for

Tuesday 4th March at 9am, running until Friday 7th March at 4.30pm.

So you can get the pricelist as a PDF  and keep it on your desktop or you can browse it here in bite size chunks and then cross check it with Timber Sale stock and make yourself a nice, long picking list (+ signs) to bring Peter when you come for Pancakes’n’Coffee!!  (Peter won’t read this so I’m safe)

Let’s start with a mix of ye olde English stock… the waney edge of waney edges.


Now, don’t tell me you’re not getting excited? Lime at £11.03/ft3!

Next is English Oak. It comes in it’s own section because there’s always SO much of it…


80mm!!!!! Seriously? Get in line people…

Now for something a little on the exotic side for all you wild adventurous types

TIMBER SALE The exotic

It’s not alot. But it’s there…

P.S. We’ve got panels too by the way (see pics below) but they’ve not been listed yet

Ok. Oooh la la!! Here’s a little Francais, Deutsche & Hrvatska for you Europhiles

TIMBER SALE The EU species

I feel sorry for the unsorted softwood stock, it doesn’t even make it to double figures!!

Watch out, here come the Americans!

TIMBER SALE The Americans

How, you might well ask, does Oak end up at £8.50/ft3???  You can’t afford not to really can you…

So there it is…

it’s all yours, sitting there ready to be loaded into your van whilst you sit and enjoy a delicious pancake and a nice hot fresh coffee for breakfast (or lunch, or tea).

But that is not all.. not by a long chalk.

Tom is keen to  squaeeze as many bargains as possible into this 4 day Sale so he was out in the yard yesterday knocking big chunks off prices of really nice stock.

Standby Ash fans…

PROMOTIONS everything

Ok woodfans. That’s all for now…

but if you have any questions call 01730 816941 or email sales@englishwoodlandstimber.twdemos.co.uk or use our enquiry form and we’ll try and help as soon as we can.

Don’t forget you can download the whole price list here and keep it to drool over!

See you on Pancake Day!

Thanks for listening, Sarah

The Great Pancake Day TIMBER SALE!!!


Less than two weeks to go now and Peter’s Shed is really taking shape. Sorting stock for the sale has really inspired Tom & Peter to pull out some nice stock.

the new rack will be fille Englsh oak 3inch and the Croatian square edge next to it English Oak 3inch Tom says these boards are in  the english walnut will ll be present and correct  lovely waney edge thick oak boards Packs of waney edge and square edge all for the sale Walnut waney edge boards the leaning tower of panels the walnut stack looks tidy

Not too shabby huh?

And remember your pancakes & coffee on Timber Sale day…

the french revolution in pancake form parklife coffee extravaganza

It’s going to be pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea!



The PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE is inching closer and we’re scurrying around the yard, gathering together all the timber goodies we can get our mitts on especially for your delight and pleasure.

So I’m sitting here after everyone’s gone home and I have the Timber Sale Stock Book on my desk… naughty me huh??!!

And I thought I’d share a few of these SHOCK -ingly stupid prices the guys are intending to surprise you with on the Pancake Day…  because I didn’t hear anyone tell me not to 😉


So far (and don’t tell anyone I told you this)…

so far, I can see Maple ( I know I already told you that one before, but I have more info) It’s the No.2 colour Maple & the big hint is  ‘think 5 0 per cent’ (!!!)

I am not even kidding.

Next, Sycamore (Maple related.. why not mix them??) selected into packs at £500/m3 (£14.16/ft3 to you imperialists). I thought that was wrong when I looked it up just now, but it is   the absolute TRUTH!! There are boards too but I don’t have a price on them yet. Doesn’t take a genius to work out they might be similar though…

Anyway. Let us continue.

A few pages on and it looks like we’ve got French character grade waney edge Oak at … well… if I say it’s the same as some of our Fresh Sawn Structural Oak and it’s cheaper than the Air Dried Structural Oak you’ll get the picture. There’s tonnes of it too. I’m just reading down the list… 54mm, 45mm, 41mm, 34mm, more 54mm, more 34mm and then…

Well looky here!

We have Parana PIne! You didn’t know we did that did you?? No. That’s because we don’t usually, and we won’t do again after you’ve bought this little lot at some ridiculous bargain price that I don’t even know because Tom hasn’t done that sheet yet. Sorry. But it’s there, nonetheless. Being Piney.

Speaking of which. Softwood. Unsorted. You know the stuff. I have no idea about the price but that stuff is horrendously cheap in the first place so goodness what’ll be once Tom’s decided it’s going. Bound to be a bargain. And actually, I used it for loads of stuff at home and it’s perfectly nice.

Ok, next page and we have… American Ash. Yup. That’s not usual English Woodlands Timber fayre either so that’ll have a bargain bucket price on it. Just 6 boards at 41 x 200 x 2.3m. Nice table top!

Where are we now then?

Hhmm. More American. Red & White Oak. It’s not alot, 6 pc’s of this, 20 pc’s of that. Pretty much all 2.4’s  or 3.2’s and in 26, 34, 41& 50mm thick. Still, a decent little selection and probably worth having in the store cupboard if you use American Oak.

These two are in the same vein too, Meranti & Iroko. I don’t want to mean here people but please, come and take them away. It’s a few pieces, like the American Oak (but longer!) and we won’t want to keep them after the sale day so you’re onto a winner here. Mind you, I can’t see a price yet but this is not the stuff we want to be hugging and caressing for the next however long. Please take it away and leave us to our English waney edge lovelies. PLEASE!!

So just incase you’ve been mesmerised by the bargains and have forgotten what all the fuss is about… we’re talking about the PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE!!!

WHERE? Our place of course!

WHEN? Shrove Tuesday (that’s Pancake Day to us heathens) which is March 4th this year.

WHAT? Wood, silly…

Back soon with more sneaky sale updates.

Night night people. Wishing you sweet, wood-filled dreams!

Your faithful woodblogger, Sarah

P.S. I’ll be back with pictures any day so don’t you go anywhere…



The Great PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE is officially  ON!!!!

So woodfans, the cat is finally out of the bag.

We’ve booked the Pancakes (yum!)

french revolution crepes NutellaCrepe

And we’ve booked the Coffee (caffeinated yum!)

parklife coffee for pancake day timber sale

And we’ve even booked the Maple* (the wood not the syrup)

the maple

Now you definitely want to come don’t you?!?


Well folks, that’s just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more from the PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE list of goodies‘.

What’s that you say? Maple’s not your flavour?

Ok, then, what would you, seasoned connoisseur of all things wood and good, like to take home on your roofracks after a hard day of  sugar fuelled wood shopping at the Pancake Day Timber Sale, hhmmm?

Go on, heckle us, you know you want to…

01730 816941


Talk to you soon!

From Sarah & the  slightly peckish English Woodlands Timber gang

* So, I happen to know that we have No.2 colour Maple (N.American) in the sale, and I mean really in the sale! And I heard the words Norway Maple (homegrown)  too as a little accompaniement to the main course Mapleif  Maple’s your flavour be here on the 4th of March!!



Did we mention Maple and Norway Maple?

What wikipedia says about Shrove Tuesday  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrove_Tuesday

Perfect pancake the BBC way http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/3374/perfect-pancakes

Nigella’s american pancakes (we can personally vouch for these)   http://www.nigella.com/recipes/view/american-breakfast-pancakes-141

A history of pancake racing in Olney, where ever that is  http://www.olneyonline.com/A-Pancake-Race-History 

Got a question? We’re only a call away on 01730 816941 or  email us on sales@englishwoodlandstimber.twdemos.co.uk

Thanks for listening lumber lovers