Fade To Grey: Weathered Timber Cladding

Jun 22, 2021 | cladding timber, wood knowledge, wood products

Bright, rich mustardy (or is it butterscotch-y?) yellow, still soft enough to leave a thumbprint, almost. Does that ring any bells to you?

If you’re a green Oak user you’ll know what we’re talking about. Green oak. Fresh sawn. Straight off the bandsaw, sodden and smelling distinctly of vinegar.

But the ageing process kicks in immediately.

Moisture starts evaporating, that soft fluffy surface starts to get a little pricklier, the colour quickly drains from those cheery yellow boards. A few weeks from now you’ll hardly smell the salad dressing and the yellow will have mellowed. Then 6 months down the line ‘hey presto’ it’s already greying.

Yes, you’ve still got some shadowy water marks and yes, you’ve got some rusty staining on the ground after the rains, but hold that thought and a year later they’re nowhere to be seen.

A year later you’re on your way, you’ve got serious silvering.

On a north side you might have a deeper more iron-y grey. On the east side you’ve got that fresh cold grey that shimmers on a winter morning. On the west side you’ve got a rosy grey that steals a little pink from a sunset and on the south side you’ve got the gloriously ghostly, velum thin grey that almost make the Oak transparent.

Some of us like to hold onto to our mellow yellow, wood-y coloured Oak (hello..! Osmo UV oil people!).

Other’s like to let the Oak cladding fade to grey.

There is no right or wrong but be assured, the silver-grey natural weathering of Oak timber cladding is not defect and not a fault.

It’s a glorious prize you receive for choosing this tough, strong, durable, low maintenance, sustainable, planet friendly, environment friendly building material and letting it be to do it’s thing.

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fresh sawn oak featheredge external timber cladding installed with austenitic steel annular ring shanks and lef to weather naturally