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For once I saw it, out of the corner of my eye.

Brian Harman's round timber lorryThe red flash of Brian Harman’s round timber lorry as it lunged past the  office and round the back to the air dried yard.

I can’t tell you how many times I have not noticed the bright flaming red, 20m long,  5m high, 40 tonne hunk of  timber carrying metal as it comes and goes like the will-o-the-wisp, in and out of our yard with it’s round timber loads.

Obviously I must be diligently concentrating  on something of huge importance at the time.

This time I caught it though (thought he could get by me did he?) so I scooped up the magic machine (for picture taking don’tcha know) and scrambled round in time to watch Brian offload.

I spy Brian Harman's round timber lorry & rig Brian Harman's round timber lorry delivering in fresh cut boules Brian Harman's round timber lorry with fresh produce for the boule yard Tom inspecting Brian Harman's round timber lorry delivering in fresh sawn boules Tom inspecting Brian Harman's round timber lorry Brian Harman's round timber lorry rig ready to unload fresh sawn boules of elm, pine, ash, sequoia Brian Harman's round timber lorry delivering in to cocking sawmill Brian Harman's round timber lorry rig ready to unload fresh sawn boules into the air dried yard Brian Harman's round timber lorry unloading the elm, sequoia, corsican pine and ash

You have  to be quick. He’s like lightening with that rig & crane. He doesn’t hang around.

Not until afterwards anyway, for a quick coffee and a catch up before he’s back out to yet another woodland for yet another another load before dark. It’s good to know he’s busy (so busy he just can’t squeeze in another load for months) because it means UK forestry (go Grown in Britain!!) is busy.

What that means for the timber I’m not sure. We know it’s not all going to be treasured like our boules, but hopefully it’s out there making an economic difference to somebody and a positive difference to a woodland environment.

How will we know for sure? That’s a tough one. I’m going to have to go away and research that a bit. First stop Forestry Commission website… maybe a bit of CONFOR, bit of SYLVA….  oh it’s a hard life isn’t it?

Until next time, as always, thanks for listening wood fans.



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And now you’re here, at the bottom of the page, this is for you (Dave) our reader.

Thanks for being you.

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