Choose Douglas Fir

Jul 1, 2021 | english hardwoods

Why? Because Douglas Fir sparks joy.

CLD.FS.FE.homegrown Douglas Fir feather edge cladding

What do we mean*? Well, let’s just run through the high points quickly…

it’s homegrown, it’s sourced from well managed forests, it’s tough, strong and durable, it’s lighter than the hardwood alternatives, it’s straight and stable, it has a reliable supply chain, it’s fit for purpose with a single conversion process, it doesn’t require toxic treatment for external use and is low maintenance in situ.

That’s enough to spark joy for anyone considering timber in a building project.

Douglas Fir is a timber species that produces genuinely sustainable building and construction products that are perfectly fit for the purpose. Fresh sawn Douglas Fir products are very low carbon footprint in sourcing and low embodied energy in processing. In addition, and thanks to the work of Grown in Britain, all homegrown Douglas Fir can be supplied with certification so there are no obstacles to procurement.

In fact it’s pretty hard to find obstacles to using Douglas Fir at all.

The one we haven’t yet addressed is cost, so hang on to your hats  folks, this is the clincher… Douglas Fir is half the price of the alternative timber products in fresh sawn Oak.

This and all the other joy-sparking reasons above is why you’d choose Douglas Fir.

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CLD FS.WE homegrown douglas fir waney edge timber cladding S Fresh Sawn structural douglas fir beam sections douglas fir waney edge fresh sawn cladding

*We’re adapting the KonMari kind of tidying up, making decisions between fluffy pink jumpers and fluffy blue jumpers ‘tokimeku’ sparking of joy to our own decision making / weighing up process on comparing timber species… we’re woodgeek enough to think it works.