A new job, a new Walnut desk!

Aug 23, 2016 | English Hardwoods, Furniture Timber, Joinery Timber, kiln dried timber

The story of my new desk 

chloe's desktop on the finished american walnut desk


Before I started working for English Woodlands Timber I was told that I would be making my own desk. Having just coming out of college with 3 years of furniture making under my belt I was more than excited. I wanted to have a modern and simple desk which had the timber as the highlight of the desk.

Straight away my thoughts went to all of the species English Woodlands Timber had in stock. I knew I would be looking for dark species of timber with interesting and flowing grain, and then with the coat of Osmo Oil to make the grain shine through.

On my first day I was able to look through the stock in the shed and my eye was drawn to some stunning American Black Walnut which had just been brought into the shed.

waney edge n.american walnut timber stack









I love the joys of going through the stacks of timber makes you feel like your mining for gems, that’s the main thing I like about finding stunning board you never know what characters you’re going to find.

waney edge walnut boards ready for selection

Once I found my board of timber I had the very helpful Phil put the board through the thicknesser which then revealed the most stunning colours running through the board, dark browns, deep purple to light brown.

waney edge american black walnut all planed

I had never seen a walnut board like it. I think even Phil pulled a smile and well the rest of the team all came out one by one to see my sanding and oiling the desk. Then all that was left was to put on the hairpin legs from Ben Simpson and it was done and I couldn’t be more pleased.

the finished desktop with legs from ben simpson furniture

I do find that my favourite part of furniture making is putting on the finish and seeing the timber come to life. I even felt myself get more and more excited when I was getting to the end of the board to then be able to take a step back and admire the beauty of timber and that no two pieces are the same.

I really enjoyed the making of my desk I found it gave me an inside look on how each area works within this company. I was able to talk to everyone. I was happy with how welcoming everyone was with me joining the team and the interest that was received by the work I had done on the desk. To be able to spend a day in the yard and the mill it gave me a good insight to the behind the scenes of English Woodlands Timber and the amount of skill and knowledge the guys have here. I understand how difficult it can be to machine up set pieces of timber and the way the guys get the work done is amazing.

By Chloe Brown

Chloe and her new american walnut desk



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