Turning the Oak Volume up to 80

Jun 15, 2021 | English Hardwoods

In the last couple of months Tom & David have brought in over 80m3 of character grade Oak square edge packs.

PACKS of Oak flooring and cladding blanks sawn from homegrown oak

These monster packs have been sawn specifically to be oak timber cladding blanks and to be kilned for solid Oak flooring blanks.

‘Blanks’ means they’re a blank canvas and fit for many purposes.

‘Packs’ mean they’ve dried well, been well ventilated, the boards will be flat and stable (pack weights are much heavier than boules so consequently shift / move less), and they’re stacked close so there’s not even that much weathering or water stain. They’re sawn to a nominal dimension and dried to meet standards that makes them ideal for feeding the moulder to make whatever profile a customer wants or needs, air dried for external, kiln dried for internal.

If you’re a Packs person we can sell them intact, but you might prefer to get your boards ready picked for a cutting list or even machined.

If you’re a character Oak fan, or you install cladding on a regular basis take a look at this stuff.

We end up using this stock a lot for external cladding but we have customers who like them delivered planed all round as stock for panelling work too.

With the price of imported softwood cladding blanks going through the roof you might find Oak cladding becomes a nice alternative to be able to offer your clients.

See the Character Oak PACKS https://bit.ly/PACKSCharacterGradeOak



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PACKS of Oak flooring and cladding blanks sawn from homegrown oak PACKS close up of character Oak square edge timber planks packs seasoning air drying OAK SQUARE EDGE PACKS STACKED in the air dried yard whilst they season for timber cladding