Character Oak Packs

Mar 12, 2021 | kiln dried timber

Kiln dried French Oak Character grade packs of square edge in thicknesses from 27mm to 80mm…

Fixed width packs up to 280mm and lengths up to 4.0m, mixed width packs with similar spec.

We currently have over 90 packs (over 60m3) of this character Oak stock ready for shipping or selection for cutting lists.

So what else do you need to know?

French Oak square edge stock comes to us with PEFC certification, which we can pass on to buyers with our chain of custody (CU-PEFC-805623).

It comes to us in packs, dried, kilned, graded and selected by mills we have worked with for decades and whose quality and consistency we depend upon for our everyday production.

If you use large volumes of waney edge character boards you might want to consider square edge…

  • it has the potential to save you time – it’s already Cut To Size
  • it’s less wasteful – the waney waste is already accounted for
  • you quickly sort and select – you can select from pack end based on widths
  • you can feed it directly into a moulder – time saving
  • and it’s easier to store – square edge packs take up less space in the workshop

And, dare we say it, it has a better £/m3 rate – it starts at £700/M3 – and a better margin  – it can be as little as 1.1 because of the minimal waste.

Take a look at the Character Oak stock list to put together a pack picking list

Or buy packs directly online from our Shop



About Character Grade Oak – watch the video
About Oak
About Timber Grades


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