Building a Wood Wonderland for our customers

May 31, 2016 | english hardwoods

We’ve come a long way since our beginnings in the 1940’s and would like to share with you our plans to further improve the experience of sourcing your timber from English Woodlands Timber.

Over the past four years we have invested more than £500,000 in the fixed assets of our business and a further £500,000 in timber stocks.

We now hold nearly £1,000,000 worth of timber stock giving you a wider choice than ever for your next project.

Over the past few months we have embarked on another further £110,000 upgrade which is supported by a 40% grant from Coast To Capital. This upgrade is in four phases;

Phase 1) Machine Shop – Dust extraction upgrade
We have upgraded our dust extraction system to enable us to accept orders with longer run times. Previously we were constrained by the capacity of our Briquetting Machine. A very “Green” ideal but it was not economical!  Now we are able to keep the Briquetter Machine running at full capacity and we blow off the excess saw dust and shavings to a trailer, for the horse bedding market.

The new dust extraction system has reduced our lead times and significantly enhanced our customer service.


Phase 2) Racking of our Kiln Dried Stock
We have now installed the first phase of the Racking and it has transformed the look and feel of our shed allowing us to more efficiently manage our constantly-changing stock.

You can now select your timber more easily and quickly whilst having access to a wider variety of options from our stock. 


Phase 3) “Old Kiln” Upgrade 
As we increase our sales of waney edge timber – our sales in this category have doubled over the last three years! Tom is actively seeking English logs that furniture makers and joiners demand. It has been great fun!

We have now installed our Kiln Doors and are working on improving the insulation of this new facility. It is heated by our Boilers which are fed by the timber waste generated in the Machine Shop and thousands of Briquettes!!  We are using our waste to add value to the timber we produce. As we increase the volume of English Timber cut and seasoned on site, this kiln will be very busy with the Long boards we are producing for stair strings and other architectural specifications.

Faster availability of new stock and more choice for you.


Phase 4) The OLD SHED upgrade and LINK to the Machine shop
The biggest part of the project is the upgrade of the “OLD SHED” floor and covering the area between this Shed and the Machine Shop. The first phase of this project is complete. While it was tempting to convert it into a Real Tennis Court (where Tom could thrash Ian ………again!) we have now started stacking timber on the new floor. Racking will also be put up in this shed to ensure we utilise the space to most efficiently.


In the summer we will put a roof over the area between the OLD SHED (on the left in the picture below) and the Machine Shop SHED (on the Right in the picture below). The Roof heights will be aligned and will give us and ideal area to Load customer vehicles and to unload and photograph boards as they come out of the Kilns.

More efficient processing of orders and faster turnaround times for you.


A busy summer to come with lots of improvement to our production processes and customer service – we hope to see you again soon at our Wood Wonderland!!!

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry