Bewitched by BESMOKE

Apr 25, 2012 | english hardwoods

I have never smelled anything like this!

Besmoke Smoked Garlic

This little treat  is courtesy of our friends at Besmoke who gifted this beautiful smoked garlic in return for Oak sawdust and shavings from our machine shop…

Now that ‘s what I call a perk of the job !!

Besmoke Smoked Garlic Besmoke Smoked Garlic Besmoke Smoked Garlic

The Besmoke guys are based over near Arundel in their newly kitted out ‘smoke shop’ .

They have an incredible business smoking herbs, garlics, oils and all sorts of delicious food stuffs. Not surprisingly, people just can’t get enough of they’re smokey flavours so in turn they can never get enough of our Oak sawdust!

Want some of that super smokey flavour for yourself?

Well, you can visit @besmokefoods if you’re on twitter or plain old if you’re not!

Or you can get in here quick because we have a few bulbs of the georgous garlic left… LOOK.. we’re re-gifting !

Besmoke Smoked Garlic

First come first served I’m afraid people…

This is what the internet was invented for

Not convinced? maybe Garlic Central can help…

Great website from The Garlic Farm in Newchurch on the Isle of Wight

If you’re utterly addicted now then forget Glastonbury you need this…

So you’re a do it yourself kind of person huh?.. ok then.. do it yourself…

And some ‘how to’ for you DIY-ers..

Good old Wikipedia…  never lets you down… a bit of info in here on why you would use Oak and why wood in general..

And yes…   if you need some lovely Oak sawdust we’ll turn our backs whilst you fill a bag or two from the hopper ( the scoop is hanging on the right hand side!).

Also..  I don’t like to say I told you so but…  Oak..? smoked garlic…?  answer to life the universe and everything ? I think it’s pretty clear I did tell you so.

I don’t just make this stuff up you know*…  (thanks to Dave by the way, for keeping the dream alive!)

Want to get your hands on that sawdust hopper?

*of course I am making alot of this stuff up!