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Feb 2, 2012 | english hardwoods, furniture timber, kiln dried timber, round timber

Christine Layton was slightly reluctant to show me photo’s of her work (because she is a very humble and modest person) but I have taken advantage of her sweet nature to raid her portfolio to show them off anyway…

Christine Layton Furniture

This lady makes fine furniture. She works on commissions only but don’t let that very formal term put you off… it just means she doesn’t sell her furniture in shops.

We’ve only really known Christine for the past year or so as she is fairly new to cabinetry. She came on a visit to the yard with John Lloyd when she was on one of his courses (see below for links to John’s furniture making courses) after being made redundant from her work in a Pensions Technical Department !!!

As she says herself, she has never looked back and looking at these photographs it’s clear why not…  she is obviously a natural! We’re very impressed, with her innate ability, with the way the course prepared and equipped her for the craft of furniture making and with her bravery and determination in the face of one of life’s curveballs!

I’ve noticed Christine has an eye for special bits of timber (she’s harbouring some spalted Walnut as we speak!). She knows her way round our yard and likes to use a wide range of woods,  Oak, Pippy Yew (you have to be good to use Pippy anything well), Sweet Chestnut, Walnut, Sycamore, Cedar of Lebanon.. you name it.. she’s used it!

She has a small workshop at her home in Caterham, working for clients in the south east and countrywide. I happen to know Christine just loves her work, and she loves to please her clients. She is happy to look at any design… as long as it’s in wood! So before you make your next trip down to the high street for a new dining table or some bedside cabinets maybe you should give her a call and have her make you an heirloom you can be proud of!

If you’d like to see more, go visit her website and say hello  and here is where Christine Layton learned her craft with John Lloyd

If hearing about Christine has made you want to throw in the towel on your day job and try something closer to your heart like working with wood here are some other furniture making courses that we know about…

Great residential courses as well as long term study

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