About Us: Our Lean Journey – ReThinking Square Edge Packs

Jan 17, 2021 | About us

We set out on a lean thinking project to reduce our waste margins and ended up counting every piece of timber in the woodyard.

In this video Ian McNally – one half of our owner / director duo – explains how and why, as a timber merchant, we’ve been re-thinking our square edge packs.

Lean logic has reduction of waste at it’s core, so when things were getting pretty hairy back in March 2020 we galvanised around ways to get better at what we do for the sake of our customers, their businesses and our own.

But where to start?

We figured the £££’s were going to feature high on people’s priorities in the coming months, so we looked at how we could reduce the waste and ‘lean the money’.

That meant margins.

Which meant prices.

Which meant cutting lists.

Which meant wood.

Which made sense to us, we have shed loads of that, right?

So, we got a collective together from different parts of the business. With Ian at the helm and Gemma as ringmaster we took a lean look at what we do and how we do it.

We learned that everyday we work with, handle, price and pick from delivered-in packs of square edge timber without having the foggiest idea what’s inside them.

Yes, we know species, thickness and grade, but beyond that packs have historically been downright impenetrable.

We also knew that if we didn’t have the foggiest what was in them then our poor customer’s wouldn’t stand a chance!

So we went looking for the waste, and, by jove, we found it…

wasted time, wasted energy, wasted worry, wasted opportunity, wasted money (ours and yours!) and wasted wood… all sitting in big, neat tidy, ordered, blue, green, orange or red ended packs.

Watch the video above to hear how we tackled our waste.


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