A Scented Slice of Life

Dec 17, 2012 | english hardwoods, furniture timber, kiln dried timber

There’s really nothing like the feeling that what you do on a daily basis is worthwhile.

Last Thursday Terry Giltinan was generous enough to give us all that feeling by copying us in on this email he sent to the editor of British Woodworking magazine.

As Terry says, I spoke to him about the small piece of Cedar he needed for a drawer base (beautifully scented Cedar of Lebanon) and for that one little order Chris, Peter & Philip put their heads together to find the right piece of Cedar and to machine it to Terry’s requirements… and they did that in what amounted to minutes.

The part that took us the longest was the ‘R&D’ we had to do to discover the minimum planing capacity of the Wienig and/or the over and under planer!! 5mm is the answer.. which meant we could achieve Terry’s 6mm requirements which were crucial for a drawer base.

It’s rare we go down as thin as that in our heavy duty machine shop but now at least we know it’s possible… thank’s for your patience Terry!

Terry Giltinan's email

I guess this is what happens when you work with great people, they make your job easy, and together we all make it worthwhile. So “Thanks” you guys… please keep doing what you do!

And a BIG “Thank You” to Terry for making our week… it’s our pleasure.

Visit the website of the British Woodworking magazine.. backissues aplenty! http://www.britishwoodworking.com/