Wood Products: A closer look at waney edge Oak

Feb 11, 2021 | wood products

In the ‘olden days’ we used to call it through & through.

Now it’s called waney edge. Or natural edge. Or most often, live edge (that one makes us chuckle… & grimace at the same time!*).

It is an appealing thing in it’s own right, a waney edge board.

It’s the real deal.

Just a split sharp-toothed second away from the log, the standing tree, the leafy canopy, the wilding woodlands.

This is timber in it’s primary conversion state.

Look around you wherever you are and the wood you see in the windowsills and sofa frames, the doorsets and kitchen worktops started out this way.

If you’re a joiner, builder or furniture maker that likes to take boards-to-make based on a cutting list, this is the stuff that we select from for a waney edge spec.

Alternatively, you can self-select straight from stock by building up a picking list or a basket online.

Watch these videos of David & Tom turning some of our waney edge Oak to get a feel for the quality of our stock and our approach to timber.


Wood Products: here’s a closer look at waney edge Oak


Wood Products: turning some 80mm quarter sawn waney edge boards


Wood Products: here’s a closer look at 27mm kiln dried Oak boule


Wood Products: turning 5m long 27mm Oak waney edge boards



More about Oak https://www.englishwoodlandstimber.co…

Search our stock for waney edge Oak boards to buy https://bit.ly/buytimberonline

Watch more English Woodlands Timber videos on YouTube


*live edge – because it’s alive with woodworm maybe?!! The sapwood, sitting just under the bark of the tree, is where wood borers lay their eggs so their young can hatch & feed on the sugars in this starchy outer layer.