Air dried waney edge packs are single volume stacks of same species, same grade timber. Usually locally sourced, always certified via one of our three chain of custody licenses.

The contents of the packs are single thickness, similar width & length boards. They come straight off the bandsaw and out to the air dried yard for seasoning.

They’re primarily stocked for furniture manufacturers, joinery component production, timber cladding and decking production. Once fully seasoned they have the potential to be kilned and used for interior use for wood flooring and interior joinery – see our kiln dried waney edge packs page for more detail.

Just as we did when the sawmill was first opened in the 1940’s, we still put together packs of waney edge timber for the joinery & furniture industries.The waney edge timber packs are usually made up of smaller width boards from smaller girth logs that don’t warrant being kept as boules.

They’re good news if you can make use of narrower widths for furniture making, architectural joinery or floor manufacture. The thicknesses and lengths are still as you’d expect to find for boules (and there are usually really good lengths in there flooring people!)

Typical species available in packs are Oak, Chestnut, Ash & Beech but you can also find some unusual species, maybe a bit of Cedar of Lebanon, maybe a bit of Scots Pine…

Each pack has unique content so specifications vary considerably, but if this is the just product you’ve been looking then we’ll source and cut just to suit your purposes. Any square edge you buy starts out this way, but this way you choose how much of the board to waste and how much to keep. Sustainability and ‘least waste’ thinking is in your hands.

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