French Square Edge Oak Timber Packs

Nov 22, 2013 | furniture timber, joinery timber, kiln dried timber

So what are we talking about here?

This is French Oak square edge stock with PEFC certification. It comes to us in packs, dried, kilned, graded and selected by mills we have worked with for decades and whose quality and consistency we depend upon for our everyday production.

french square edge oak packs

We could wax lyrical about this Oak all day long (and often do!) but we know we don’t need to. French Oak doesn’t need any ‘flannel’ from us to get your attention and anyway, you’ve probably heard it all before.

You know what you need and you know what you buy and you’ll know at a glance if these timber packs are in the right ball park or not.

Prime Oak Square Edge

Prime Oak packs are traditional waney edge stock parallel ripped, usually supplied in mixed width packs with boards up to 350mm wide, lengths up to 4.0m in all thicknesses i.e. 27mm, 34mm, 41mm, 54mm, 65mm, 80mm and 100mm thick.
 lovely grain and colour of french oak PK.KD.SE.Oak packs grain and colour par and sawn all thicknesses in prime oak from france

Character Oak Square Edge

We make sure we keep good volumes of character Oak square edge because it’s such a got to timber source for traditional flooring and interior joinery and cladding and it’s worth noting character means character, not rustic – if you’re unsure on grades download a copy of Making the Grade for the technical specs that apply.

So, square edge character oak is produced the same was as the prime oak packs, waney edge parallel ripped to make it easier to handle, select from and machine. The specifications are pretty much the same as prime grade so widths up to 350mm, lengths up to 3.5 or 4.0m and thickness range 27mm, 34mm, 41mm, 54mm, 65mm, 80mm but we may not have 100mm in stock as we usually supply straight from French waney edge Oak for 100mm where lengths and widths can be even greater.

 french oak square edge boards in all thicknesses PK.KD.SE.Oak packs PK.KD.SE.Oak.27mm.character.boards

Not sure if you need graded Oak? Well sometimes  the grade of the timber just doesn’t matter, sometimes aesthetics and overall appearance rather than technical properties are more important.

If that’s true for you then you are free to choose boards on their own merit so why not mix the oak grades up?

Pick based on dimension, length or just because you like the way the board looks. If you pick from the French Oak then you can mix away, square edge with waney edge, prime with character, because it has the same colouring, grain and behaviour they will all play nicely together.

You could even mix English Oak in with French if you wanted as they’ll work nicely together too because our countries are so close and our soils, our geography and our climate so similar. In fact we’d challenge you to spot which Oak (Quercus Robur) grew in which country!

So create your own grade… a sort of Brangelina of the Oak grade world. Like a Charime, or Primachter.  Who are we to judge?!

Feeling Inspired?

Well why not try out your cutting list on our STOCK search. All our boards are available to pick online using our STOCK search – link in the header.

We’re working on listing every board in every pack so you can pick your own boards remotely. The boards are listed by thickness, width and length and are priced per board too.

What’s that you say… you want square edge timber but you don’t want a whole pack?

No Problem… select boards at will using the picking lists or give us your cutting list and we’ll pick it for you – link in header.

And if you do want to take whole packs for ease of use and availability on the workshop same thing goes – select from STOCK or tell us your preferred PACK requirements and we’ll supply to your spec.

The Fun Bit!

Did you know you can select your timber online?  Search our STOCK by clicking the link in the mune above for timber to match your spec, to check availability, check prices or send a picking list. Alternatively you can send a send a cutting list by clicking Get A Quote.
our stocklist details every piece of timber in the woodyard
Our online STOCK means you can make your selection without ever leaving the comfort of your own desk, workshop or van. Let our guys do all the work! We’ll take your order, select it and deliver to your site in 3-10 working days.

What About Machining?

If you’ve got work up to ‘here’ and you’d like your oak delivered prepared or part worked then why not let our guys to do some machining for you?

The workshop team will cut to size, cut to length, plane all round, sand and profile from an ever-growing range of options to match your requirement.

Complete an enquiry and specify your preferences. Be as specific as you like about widths, lengths and we’ll scour the stock to find the most economic option and get right back to you with a price and availability.

Click a GET A QUOTE on the top of the page – It’s that simple.

Watch our video about Workshop Services…

ian mcnally introduces our workshop services and timber machining

If you really don’t have time to mess around with computers any longer than absolutely necessary you could just call Chris or Grant on 01730 816941 to talk packs. That’ll make them very happy.


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