French Square Edge Oak Timber Packs

French Prime & Character Square Edge PEFC Oak

Thicknesses 27mm-100mm, fixed & mixed widths up to 350mm, lengths up to 3.7m, in 0.5m3-3.5m3 packs, 3-7 days availability (ex yard). french oak timber packs

So what are we talking about?

This is French PEFC stock square edge stock, dried, kilned, graded and selected by mills we have worked with for decades and whose quality and consistency we depend upon for our everyday production.

We could wax lyrical about this Oak all day long (as Chris often does!) but we know we don’t need to. French Oak timber packs at these prices don’t need any ‘flannel’ from us to get your attention, and anyway, you’ve heard it all before.

You know what you need and you know what you buy and you’ll know at a glance if these timber packs are in the right ball park or not. So here it is, just for you. The bottom line…

Over 100 prime Oak timber packs in stock, parallel ripped, in mixed widths up to 350mm & lengths up to 3.7 (read about more about prime grade) Get the Product Info or see stock
 lovely grain and colour of french oak PK.KD.SE.Oak packs grain and colour par and sawn all thicknesses in prime oak from france
27mm      £934/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1149/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m / £1257/m3 lengths 3.25m+
34mm    £1059/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1257/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m / £1363/m3 lengths 3.25m+
41mm    £1093/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1330/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m
54mm    £1115/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1528/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m / £1743/m3 lengths 3.25m+
65mm    £1330/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1743/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m / £1952/m3 lengths 3.25m+
80mm    £1556/m3 lengths up to 2.0m / £1986/m3 lengths 2.05 – 3.2m / £2167/m3 lengths 3.25m+
100mm  £1941/m3 lengths up to 2.0m  
For more information about grades take a look at Making the Grade publication
Over 130 character oak square edge timber packs in stock, some parallel ripped, in widths up to 350mm & lengths up to 3.4  (read about more about character grade) Get the Product Info or See Stock
 french oak square edge boards in all thicknesses PK.KD.SE.Oak packs PK.KD.SE.Oak.27mm.character.boards
27mm      £622/m3 to £1024/m3  in fixed widths
34mm     £900/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 2.2m
41mm     £962/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 2.2m
54mm   £1019/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 3.4m
65mm   £1144/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 3.4m
80mm   £1285/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 2.1m
100mm £1596/m3 mixed widths & lengths up to 2.4m
For more information about grades take a look at Making the Grade publication
Nice prices huh?
Seriously, where else can you find fixed width stock in 27 x 250 x 3.2m Oak boards with a nice bit of light character for interest at £1025/m3???  That’s just £22.14* per piece!!
Oh, you wanted Prime? Well why didn’t you say!
Ok. Prime Oak in the same spec would come out at £24.82* per piece… hardly any difference!!
Why not take a mixture of the two and create your own grade… a sort of Brangelina of an Oak grade. LIke Charaime, or Prarachter. I don’t know, you choose!
What’s that you say? You want square edge timber but  you don’t need whole packs? No Problem… select from stock boards instead!  We keep open packs for selection with no minimum quantities – search our online stock  for ‘Oak, Character, boards, square edge’ to see spec, availability & price.
So, now you’re wondering how you can buy this wonderful stuff I suppose.
Well, that’s the fun bit!
Did you know you can select your timber online? On our website you can search our stock for your spec, check availability, check prices, send a picking list, send a cutting list all in your own time.
english woodlands timber stock search tool
Our online stock list means you can make your selection without ever leaving the comfort of your own desk, workshop or van. Let our guys do all the work! We’ll take your order, select it and deliver to your site in 3-10 working days.
search stock for packs
And if you feel like staying in the warm and dry a little longer you can get our guys to do your machining  too! Philip & Nick can cts, par or match a profile you need on the 6 head Weinig moulder to save you time and money.
Weinig 6 head wadkin straightline edger planer thicknesser
Now what? Not sure what to do with this information? 
Why not see what’s in stock today in ‘Packs’ and put dibbs on some of this stuff before it’s gone?
Send us an enquiry with your requirements, be as specific as you like about widths, lengths and we’ll scour the stock to find the most economic option and get right back to you with a price.
If you really don’t have time to mess around with computers any longer than absolutely necessary you could just call Ian or Tom on 01730 816941 to talk packs. That’ll make them very happy.
This week this phrase has become an interesting topic of conversation sparking hot indignation in some and downright indifference in others.
Let’s assume you don’t want to take part in the Russell Brand Jeremy Paxman type intervention into voting & related practices and you just aren’t sure what you want to do with all this pack information you have just injested.
Our advice? Don’t do anything.
Stop right where you are for… oh, I don’t know 3 to  37 seconds, breathe deeply, and then take yourself off to the special place reserved for electric water boiling contraptions and dip a bag of dried leaves (flavour optional) into a small ceramic (or wood we’re not fussy) container filled with boiling (must be boiling) water  for a few minutes until you have acheived sufficient colour to warrant calling said liquid by the name Tea.
Drink. Then decide.
Or not. There’s no rush. We’re not candidates up for a local bi-election (thank goodness right?!) and you will not be upholding your inalienable right to search our stock.
You’re allowed to press the big button that says Off, or Back, or Panic or whatever it says and leave this place.
Just promise you’ll come back and see us someday. We’ll miss you!
come back and see us at cocking sawmills, GU29 0HS
Don’t want to stop reading yet? Ok let’s see…
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*Remember lovely people, all our prices are excluding the dreaded VAT. We’re merchanty types, it’s how w

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