It’s about aesthetics. The end product. The bit we see, we live with, we touch and hold. It’s hands and eyes on and the devil is in the detail.

We’ve all been the client, the person with an ambitious vision and a hope for what can be achieved.

New builds with fresh sawn strip cladding, art galleries with bespoke floors, Spitalfield apartments with heritage joinery, they all have their own particular challenges and demands and, fortunately for us, they keep us learning and growing.

We’ve grown the workshop to fulfil these challenges, and we aim to grow further still.

When it comes to wood and machined products we have the capacity to supply much more than the raw material. Our workshop can select to spec, CTS,  PAR and profile with the best of them. We have fully stocked woodsheds and a team of guys to do just that. We run WEINIG 6 side moulders so you don’t have to!,

It goes without saying that there is a wealth of knowledge and experience in our woodyard at your disposal.

Let our workshop shoulder the workload so you can give your client the vision they hope for with confidence, no matter what the spec.

To see what profiles we’re currently offering take a look in the PROFILE LIBRARY


What are the costs for planed all round (PAR) machining?

Our PAR machining charges are priced per linear metre with a minimum charge of £40+VAT per order. The actual costs per linear metre vary from £1.30 – £12.50 depending on the thickness of the timber and whether it is coming from Square edge or waney edge stock.


What are the costs for profiles and mouldings?

Machining charges for profiles are priced per linear metre with a minimum charge of £40+VAT per order as per PAR . The actual costs per linear metre vary from £1.30 – £12.50 depending on the thickness of the timber.


How can I get a quote for my cutting list?

Over the phone – if you like to speak to a human, give the sales team a call on 01730 816941.

By email – if you prefer to send an email and get your thoughts down in writing then send the team an email on

By online form – our online enquiry aop will ask you everything we need to know to get you a quote super fast.

What happens next?
Nick, Grant, JJ or James will take your list, however you send it to us, if they need more info they’ll get in touch, if they have everything they need to go ahead and give you a price they’ll come right back to you to offer the best price options, best timber options and the best lead time we can muster as soon as is humanly possible.


What are the lead times for planed all round or profiled orders?

PAR, Profiled and moulded machining lead time – 6 working days
Machined orders are made ready for collection or delivery (whichever you prefer) 6 working days from the time of order.


Can I get my order delivered?

Of course you can. We can deliver machined orders to wherever you need it, Delivery will be within 72 hours once the order is ready for despatch. Read all our delivery options here.


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