Oak is like no other species, used by Oak framers & builders, joiners, furniture makers, carvers, turners, garden designers & groundworkers…


Fear not!!! Ash is here… with grain patterns to WOW in amazingly big boards of dense, smooth, delicately coloured hardwood.

Sweet Chestnut

Homegrown Sweet Chestnut is sweet alright.
It’s handsome, strong & durable and didn’t you know?!
‘Round Chestnut’ is the new ‘Green Oak’ !


Elm has attractive contrasting sap is durable, strong and has incredible grain. It’s not common due to devastation of UK tree population


Beech is lovely, beech is sweet. Beech is pale Brown/pink with some reddish heart, streaking & occasional spalting. Fine, even grain, not durable but heavy and mechanically strong.


It’s a species that tests our mettle as sawmillers. To achieve the delicate pastel-ly colour boards & lacey grain of Plane takes concentration & commitment


We treasure it for it’s delicate lustred colouring and fine grain. The trees are sizeable so board size can be fantastic and it’s relatively easy to source good quality logs so it’s a big hit with furniture makers and manufacturers.


Our waney edge Walnut boards go from 20mm to 80mm in Thickness, currently up to 820mm in Width and up to 4.3m in Length which is pretty gargantuan for Walnut!


Orange brown heartwood, often in streaks with pale sap. Interesting and varied grain crossgrain, knots, pips