These beautiful timber tiles are our Bias Cut Shingles. That is to say, a sawn shingle. A very different product from any other sawn European, American or British shingle.

Sourced from France (PEFC certified) from high grade logs, these shingles are an offshoot of the barrel making industry.

The sawyers, whose main operation involves production of barrel staves for wine barrels, have produced these incredible timber tiles for use as cladding on walls and roofs.

What’s wonderful is the sawyers are about as particular as you can get about quality (you can imagine!) so the logs are the best they can source, resulting in superb quality shingles with lovely straight, intact grain.

Bias cut shingles have a neat, clean cut appearance.  They offer a beautiful, distinctive finish to a modern construction or traditional building whilst being durable and tough. As they weather they harden and need no additional treatment. The key to their longevity is good fixing and good detailing. In addition, the multiple layers tiles give a very good insulation.

The ‘bias cut’ actually describes the sawing down the grain (almost like riving) leaving the full length grain on the surface of the shingle, which replicates the traditional riven shake.

The point of this method is to allow water to naturally run off rather than ‘stick’ to the surface or be drawn back up through the endgrain that occurs in regular sawn shingles. It’s quite a clever adaption from the barrel making staves which are required to have full length grain so they can bend, be incredibly durable (not rot and leak wine everywhere!) and remain stable over long (really long) periods of time.

The overall result is a cladding shingle of superior finish with the durability of a traditional shake, the ease of fix of a sawn shingle, and a price that beats them both.

How To Buy Bias Cut Shingles

The shingles are currently available in Western Red Cedar (WRC) or Oak, both PEFC certified.

WRC is currently available in individual packs whilst Oak is only available in bulk bags of 27m2 (single layer cover).

Shingles are laid in layers and the place and orientation of the surface determines the number of layers required to provide a durable weatherproof covering.

It’s understood that vertical surfaces require a minimum of 2 layers whilst a gradient or slope requires 2.5 or 3 layers.

Shingles can be collected from our woodyard or delivered locally.

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