There are some situations where green Oak is not advisable and for those times we keep seasoned or air dried structural Oak.

These are standard(ish) sections available from stock in original drying dimensions. These stock sections can be cut to size to meet your exact* size requirements.

Air dried structural oak is used for the same purposes as fresh sawn timber except that this material has been seasoning outdoors since it was first cut and therefore has dried out significantly and stabilised.

This also means that the air dried oak is likely to be weathered, to have moved out of dimension (the corners/angles aren’t 90 degrees anymore!), opened up knots, splits, grain and all manner of things that happen when the timber is seasoning.

The result is seasoned structural timber that is ideal for restoration and renovation works where you need replacement elements of an existing frame, or lintels into old brickwork etc.

At this time Oak is the only species we have seasoning as it is the only timber we’re likely to need for restoration. If you have alternative requirements then perhaps we can help – please call us on 01730 816941 and speak to a member of the team.

Certification:  Grown in Britain and PEFC

NB. It is worth noting that air dried structural Oak that has stabilised after seasoning for years can be less stable and more likely to move and split etc when cut to size. This is because greener/wetter surfaces are exposed which have a differential movement – this sometimes results in bowing, warping, splitting, cracking and other natural reactions.

We can provide chain of custody certification for PEFC air dried structural oak. Read more about certification.

*+/- saw blade thickness

Cutting Lists

Cutting lists for solely seasoned beam Oak cut to size can be sourced from our supplier in France, or nominal sizes can be selected from stock in our yard.

For orders from France the lead time can be 7-15 working days, for Oak from our yard ex stock lead time is 1-3 days (without any machining).

Of course we’re happy for you to come to the woodyard to self select and takeaway Oak beams as you need them.

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See more on TRADA-certified visual strength grading for structural timber HERE

For more on timber certification:  Grown in Britain and PEFC