Oak is our bread and butter.

We know the same goes for many furniture makers, joiners, framers, and builders.

And we know that finding a good, reliable source of Oak boards is half the battle.

When every job or project you get puts different criteria on the timber you need, it’s our job to reflect that myriad of variations by stocking every conceivable option in Oak boards.

That’s what we endeavour to do.

Then once you’ve found a particular stock source that works for you, we need to make sure you can rely on it, day in day out, for quality, for availability and for price.

english oak wood stack of boules in our woodsheds drying for making furniture and bespoke joinery

Sourcing the Oak you need to deliver the work your clients want and expect

From working with the best makers in the country we’ve learned that a few carefully sourced ranges of Oak we enable our customers to meet their clients expectation and –  as is our hope and aim – to exceed them.

To that end we keep a combination of Oak boards in

  • waney edge and square edge
  • kiln dried and air dried
  • sourced from UK, French and Croatian (hands down the highest grade we can find!) forests

This way we can cover Super Prime, Prime and Character Oak specifications that enable our customers to meet their clients expectation and –  as is our hope and aim – to exceed them.


Getting a quote

Our bespoke quoting service translates your needs into the optimum Oak supply as boards to make, cut to size, planed all round or into fully machined components, profiles and mouldings.

Which ever best fits your purpose, workshop capabilities  or time-frame.

Collection is from our woodyard near Midhurst in Sussex, delivery is possible throughout the UK (and further afield).

We’re very happy to quote for you, it’s our thing!

And we welcome discussions about how our Oak supply can work for you.


Oak board options from stock

Here are some selected waney edge and square edge Oak graded stocks that might fit the bill…


waney edge oak stacks and racks at english woodlands timber super prime oak square edge oak prime oak square edge character oak square edge banner photo white

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For a deeper knowledge of waney edge Oak and Oak grades visit our OAK SPECIES PAGE 

At least 10% of our waney edge Oak stock is over 5.0M long > click for super long Oak boards

We source extraordinary boards that make single width tables, desks and worktops > click for Oak boards over 1.0m wide

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