When you’re designing your own bespoke wood floor, restoring an existing floor or you’re looking for an alternative to the standard floors on offer…  then come to us with your ideas and we’ll help you create the floor you’re looking for.

Much of our kiln dried timber stock can be used for bespoke floor making, as well as for the matching skirting, architrave, all machined by Philip on our ‘cutting edge’ six-head moulder.

If you’re looking for something extra special or unusual and you don’t see stocks that satisfy your requirement, talk to us about our incoming stocks and sourcing service. We travel far and wide to source unique and unusual timbers for our clients and will happily do the same for you!

Visit us to see the wood for yourself and get a feel for your new floor.

P.S. If you’re wondering what to do about finishes we keep good stocks of Osmo products and can order any that we don’t keep! We’re not floor-finsh experts but we do LOVE our Osmo. So user friendly, and there’s always a right product for whatever job you need to do.

Search our stock of boards suitable for bespoke wood floor making (sorted 18-36mm thick, change search to find chunkier thicknesses)

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For more on timber Species & Grades download  Making the Grade