Kiln dried waney edge boards are the staple of our woodshed.

From logs sawn through and through these are full width, full length waney edge boards with the natural edge left intact.

Our stock of waney edge boards is extensive and constantly changing across all species and dimensions. It is available to search online, to self-select at our woodyard (by appointment), to create online picking lists or order wood slabs or boards-to-make based on a cutting list.

As professional as we try to be here at Cocking, we all go a little weak at the knees when it comes to the kiln dried waney edge boards (through and through sawn boards). The T&T boule is the traditional method of timber production, the conversion from the log as it has been for decades, if not centuries into wood slabs and boards.

kiln dried waney edge boards in the woodshed


Who uses waney edge boards?

Whether you are a bespoke furniture maker, a specialist joiner, a kitchen maker or you just want a plank of raw wood for a tabletop, our waney edge boards stock is fabulous and will give your project the edge over a more standardised source of timber.

You will have the whole intact boards to work with, to get maximum use out of. With T&T boards you can utilise the characteristics of the species that may otherwise have been discarded in the grading and selection process of pack timber.

Select your own timber

We’re always very happy for our customers to come sightseeing, to look through the sheds and select their own timber. This is especially important when sourcing specific craft wood supplies for a project. That said, we’re also more than happy to pick the timber to your specifications and send it anywhere in the world that you would like.

Here in the yard, we joke about the trials and tribulations of our work but one thing remains true and is worth remembering: there will never be another of the board you are looking at now. And particularly true of waney edge boards – they are unique and never to be repeated. We nurture our kiln dried boards, so we can pass them on to you to create treasures.

Visit the woodsheds

Whether you’re looking for kiln dried waney edge boards or something else, you’re welcome to visit the woodyard to select your timber. To get an idea of what you’ll find when you get here, please search our online stock in the comfort of your own home or send us your list of requirements.

If you need some help before getting a quote or making an enquiry, please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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