Our air dried square edge timber packs are the most economical way to purchase joinery grade timber, suitable for exterior use, where moisture levels are high and the requirement is for seasoning and stability.

Available in all thicknesses and in mixed width or fixed width packs of Character or Prime in hardwoods with the emphasis on Prime.

When it comes to softwoods it’s much the same and we err on the side of higher grades in unsorted and mixed in 5ths maybe, but we do like to see some knots and the character of a species every now and then so we have a particular penchant for the sawfalling grades lately which are fantastic value and yet make beautiful wood cladding.

Pack lengths are generally mixed and go up to 3.6m for hardwoods and up to 6.0m for softwoods.

Packs sizes are varied to suit sourcing requirements of joiners and furniture makers. We have full size packs but we’re also splitting large packs down to make mini-packs.

We’re also working on improvements to air dried square edge pack information on our STOCK list so that it includes and lists every board with all dimensions. We’re doing this so that we can pick for cutting lists efficiently, to be more efficient when we’re pricing cutting lists and to make sure there is less waste across the board (wood pun alert!).

It means you can buy more efficiently, confident of what a pack contains and what you’re buying.

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