We no longer stock Sika Adhesives or Sikabond.

We know they’re very popular adhesives with trade and domestic customers alike. We’ve used them ourselves and agree, they’re pretty straightforward to use once you’ve worked out the right product for your project.

We used to stock the wood adhesives that worked with our solid or engineered wood flooring and we generally kept Sikabond T2, T52, T54 and the T54 Trowel. Most solid wood flooring installations would call for one of these three.

Although they were more costly up front, we found the T2 or T52 ‘sausage’s in the Sika gun applicator was definitely the better solution if you’re in any way a diy-er. It’s a slower and more forgiving installation process and although you’re not getting 100% coverage on the backs of boards the grip is still incredible and remains flexible. Using the full cover grout adhesive is a big job, it requires a super flat, primed, prepared, fully cured floor screed and meticulous in our opinion, best left to professional floor installers.

Adhesives are a good alternative for use where metal fixings aren’t suitable for your floor or where you don’t want to see fixings in the face of the boards.

If you need help to determine which is the best solution for your floor we advise reading the technical advice given by Sika for each of their products. If you’re not sure where to start we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

For more technical information visit SIKA’s flooring website   or visit SIKA’s You Tube site where find useful videos about SIKA products, how to use them etc.

We’re sorry we can’t help you more on flooring adhesives but we can definitely help you with the flooring!

We specialise in the supply of bespoke flooring from our wide range of hardwoods to your specifcation. We work with private individuals, architects, interior designers and building companies to provide the wood, the bespoke production and delivery of unique hardwood floors.

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P.S. If you’re not sure where to find Sika products we’d recommend trying Screwfix or Travis Perkins to start with or searching good ole google for a supplier near you. Good luck!

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