Your Vote Counts at the TTJ Awards 2019

May 22, 2019 | English Hardwoods, Timber Trades Journal

The folks at Timber Trades Journal go all out audacious to make Your Vote Count at the 2019 TTJ Awards!



Voting is power. This week of all weeks that message is being brought home to us. It’s your opportunity to be heard, to contribute, to be responsible. It’s the power to change something and it’s yours. What happens when you vote? People hear you, they listen, they respond.


For the first time ever in a truly audacious move the Timber Trades Journal are handing over power to YOU, the buyers of timber, the workers of wood, the ones who really know what’s what, by simply enabling online voting in this year’s Timber Industry Awards.


the TTJ awards 2019 logo

You probably haven’t come across them before because you’re busy creating things with wood and running around making your business work but the TTJ is an industry journal and the TTJ Awards are a moment in the calendar when the timber industry celebrates the year’s movers and shakers, the great and the good, the big and the small, the upstanding and the outstanding.

It’s an acknowledgement of innovation, of creativity, of exemplary business practice and the downright hard work all going on behind the scenes to develop our UK timber industry.


just take me to the TTJ Awards voting


We’re in it together

We EWT-ers like to take part and to do our bit to contribute. We struggle to keep up sometimes as our pockets aren’t as deep as we’d like but we feel it’s good to be able to meet our peers, it’s important to take a chance to make connections and to find others on our wavelength. We think it’s important to support the industry of which we are admittedly a small part but in which we are 100% invested.

It is our industry after all and by that token we feel it’s your industry too.

That might sound strange but it boils down to this… we’re only here, because you’re here.

If you didn’t buy wood we wouldn’t exist. Let’s face it, we’re nothing with you… our wood-working, wood-loving customers and we know it.

That’s why we’re thrilled that YOU get to take part. You get a vote and that vote counts. Your usually quiet and distant voice gets to be heard loud and clear at the centre of the industry.

Your Vote Counts

We hope you’ll be glad of the opportunity to use your voice and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!

VOTE for your besties, for your faves, for your can’t do withouts… they’re all waiting to hear from you.

Category 1 best Panels Trader
Category 2 best Timber Merchant
Category 3 best Softwood Trader
Category 4 best Hardwood Trader
Category 5 best Structural Timber Systems
Category 6 best Joinery Supplier
Category 7 best Small Timber Business
Category 8 best Timber Trader


All these categories will be voted for by you, the wider timber-buying world. It’s you who have the experience, the product knowledge, the relationships… we know you know what’s going on with wood so here’s your chance to tell the industry.


And EWT?

Do we want you to vote for us? Of course we do, if we deserve it.

We’re over the moon if you want to vote for us. It would literally be a huge vote of confidence. You’d be letting us know we’re on the right track. That we’re doing ok on a daily basis, making a difference for our customers (that’s you!) and that the blood sweat and tears of changing and progressing have been worth it.

As it happens, 2019 is a big year for us. It’s the end of a 5 year plan we made to overhaul the business, to up our game on the timber buying experience for our customers. We’ve worked hard at change. We think it was worth it, we feel better for it, but ultimately it’s for our customers to judge.

Because a week is a long time in wood working and politics but 5 years is a lifetime, we thought we’d remind ourselves of what’s changed for us over the last half decade.


We made change

So the first big change came with big investment and first in line came the stock. We re-built the stock sheds, stock system & stock management practices to make it easier and faster to find what we need for what you need and it had to be in a few seconds with a laptop or smartphone and it had to be from anywhere and everywhere. That worked. It needs more development, but it works.

We wanted to create proper undercover shed space with natural light so you can take your time self-selecting boards in peace but with extra hands nearby just in case. We got some extra hands in too whilst we were at it. That’s done. We’re learning how to use it better but it’s a lovely clean, clear space now.

Racking & lift equipment were high on the priority list to free up more floor space & organise stock better.


new sheds ready for racking and stockfull height racking for the boules and boards in the kiln dried shedthe new sheds being built and the phtovoltaics on the first

the new stock shed with full height racking allowing us to organise as never beforethe renovated machine shop has more space and a better workflow woodnatural light and full height rackin gin the stock shed . english woodlands timber


We shudder to think of the number of hours our patient customers had to wait to get access to a chosen board under giant stack of wood in a far corner of an overstocked shed with one forklift at hand… oh boy, those were the days! But not any more. We now have a line up of lift trucks and there’s more racking to come… you can never have too much racking!

For customer vehicles we created undercover access to the stock sheds for collecting precious dry boards. We made flatter, cleaner routes and extra parking round the yard for loading so you can get in & out faster, as well as considerably less muddy. No more trudging round the yard in all weathers. Come in out of the cold!

Oh, the machine shop. In 5 years the machine shop morphed various times and now has doubled in size and quadrupled in capacity. We fitted new dust extraction (twice! Because it’s important) plus we fitted wide planers, 6 head moulders, wide board sander and super long radial arm all to give more machining options to more people. The machine shop is there to help shortcut the making process for busy workshops that don’t have time or space to convert waney-edge or who need components rather than raw material. So, it was a chinese puzzle and a half, but the machine shop is done.

Digital technology is HUGE for us. It’s slowly seeped into all of our lives and at EWT that means in our work too. It’s taken a huge role that we’ll see develop more as we learn more. What’s interesting is it allows us to experiment and to act quickly to change, which means we can be responsive. So far the big projects have been to streamline the stock system – although one could argue our old single A4 sheet with ft3 measures per species on was pretty streamlined! But that didn’t help our customers much – and the order/invoice processing system which are both aimed at reducing the workload for busy woodworkers. They’re done but they’re also in perpetual motion, constantly changing to be made better.

That’s pretty much it sans fine detail. Still, it’s a lot to take in all this change, huh?

Turns out it’s impossible to list everything. It’s hard to believe how much needed doing (unless you remember what it used to be like here?!!!) but at every opportunity we try to make useful, responsible, sustainable choices for you, for the business and for the planet.


We hear you

We know we have more to do. There’s always more but after 5 years we want to take a moment to stop. It’s time to take stock of the change we’ve made so far, before we get started on the next 5.

You must be very patient to still be here, listening to us whilst we go over it all. You’re doing us a favour, we’ve been in the midst of it so long it’s doing us good to get some perspective.

We think we made things better so we we think we should keep doing it, keep developing, keep changing… but we know it would be prudent to check in with you first. You, our customer. Because in all honesty, there’s no point us having our fancy ideas and plans if they don’t work for you. So this TTJ vote is an opportunity for both of us.

We hope we deserve your vote but we know it’s not for us to judge. More than anything, we want you to have your say. This time it’s not an inside job, you have the power to change something for the better so get clicking, get tapping and make it count!

We’ll probably still be holding our breath until September anyway!

As always, thanks so much for reading,
From the gang at English Woodlands Timber
(Category 7, Small Timber Business )




Ok, you have 8 categories to vote in online.

Here they are again…

Category 1 best Panels Trader
Category 2 best Timber merchant
Category 3 best Softwood Trader
Category 4 best Hardwood Trader
Category 5 best Structural Timber Systems
Category 6 best Joinery Supplier
Category 7 best Small Timber Business
Category 8 best Timber Trader

You can vote for one company in each category
and you can add comments about that company.

BUT you can only submit ONE voting form
so you need to check you’ve included everyone you want to vote for in their categories

and you need to give your name, company name and email address at the bottom of the form
and then you can you hit that that big red SEND button.

The closing date for voting is midnight June 24th  we think but we’ll check that and be right back…

And that’s it!






Here’s a link to the TTJ ONLINE VOTING

Here’s the TTJ AWARDS page, find out more here

And here are the TTJ Award 2018 winners:

Panels Trader of the Year – sponsored by MEDITE SMARTPLY
Panel Supplies

Plywood Trader of the Year – sponsored by W Howard
International Plywood

Softwood Trader of the Year – sponsored by Lonza Wood Protection
MDM Timber

Hardwood Trader of the Year – sponsored by AHEC
Brooks Bros

Structural Timber Systems Supplier of the Year – sponsored by the Structural
Timber Association
Stewart Milne Timber Systems

Flooring Trader of the Year – sponsored by Compelo
Brooks Bros

Small Timber Trader of the Year – sponsored by James Latham
Tonge Bridge Timber

Joinery Trader of the Year – sponsored by James Latham
XL Joinery

Excellence in Marketing – sponsored by Combilift

Environmental Achievement – sponsored by ECC Timber Products
Timber Trade Federation

Achievement in Engineered Timber – sponsored by Kerridge Commercial Systems
Wiehag, for the Macallan Distillery & Visitor Experience roof

Career Development: Under 25 – sponsored by Glennon Brothers
Sarah Mather, International Timber

Career Development: Over 25 – sponsored by Glennon Brothers
Aron Ford, Howarth Timber

Website of the Year – sponsored by Epicor
Lawcris Panel Products

Timber Innovation: Product Development – sponsored by Timber Expo and
TRADA Roxil Wood Protection Cream, Safeguard Europe

Timber Innovation: University Research – sponsored by Timber Expo and
Timber Anticlastic System: the Sawmill Shelter, the Architectural Association School

Lifetime Achievement Award
Peter Latham, James Latham

Timber Trader of the Year – sponsored by the Timber Trade Federation
James Latham