What’s Your Story?

Apr 30, 2020 | english hardwoods

We hear things are tough for all of you woodworkers right now.


We understand from calls and emails over the last few weeks that you’re trying to respect government guidelines, you’re staying at home, working remotely, woodworking whilst keeping distance from colleagues & even working in workshops on your own.


Today at English Woodlands Timber we’re starting to operate with a skeleton staff, endeavouring to keep our people safe whilst beginning to fulfil your orders.

The woodyard remains strictly closed to visitors but we will create a method of contact-less collection and delivery for all orders.


So, how about you?

What’s happening? Are you managing to take new enquiries and work on orders?
Is there anything you need from us to help keep you stocked and woodworking?
Tell us about it!  … especially if we can do something to help.


Can we help?

We’ve got ways to help you work, even at a distance…



Why not have our machine shop help by getting components machined? Using our cut-to-size service can save a lot of waste. Getting your list planed all round even more so.

We’ve got straightline-edgers, wide board planers, 6 head profilers and a huge selection of profiles. These machines really are there for to you to utilise, to save on time, effort and blades in your own workshop. Here’s a link, have a look at our timber services



Picking Stock

We’ve got our whole stock listed online for you to search and pick from. Here’s a link to our stocklist


We’ve made it possible for you to select timber via video link using your preferred video chat app. Here’s a link to our Quick Look ‘how to’ for buying timber online




We’ve streamlined the quote form online to make it easier for you to get a quote. Here’s a link to our Get A Quote form



We’re here every day so get in touch. Tell us what’s happening with you and what we can do to support you and your business right now… if it’s in our power, we’ll do it!

We’re listening,
Tom, Ian, Chris & the EWT gang



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COVID-19 Woodyard Updates



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*Government Guidelines https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/guidance-to-employers-and-businesses-about-covid-19