the timber rack at cocking sawmills wood yard

If you haven’t met The Rack yet you haven’t lived!

We know it sounds ominous to the layperson or non wood-geek…  ‘The Rack’…  but it really isn’t. It’s not for torture, it’s not even for a little light stretching of limbs. No. This rack’s for timber.

The Timber Rack.

It’s a shop full of wood. A wood shop. It’s shelves, slots, gaps, rails, uprights, bays and whatever else you want to call them for keeping bits of wood off the floor, off the forklift, off the saw bench, off the planer thicknesser, off the rollers on the band saw, off the kitchen worktop and off my desk!

Originally it was a repository for any piece of wood that didn’t have a home somewhere else.

Over time it has grown into a treasure trove of WYSIWYG , take away, timber goodies that changes every day. It has cut to size sections, planed pieces, profiled lengths, large bits, small bits, waney edge planks. lumps and burrs, chunks and slivers in a lovely variety of species.

And now, get this… the timber has actual writing, with actual sizes and actual prices.

The intention is to help our lovely customers (that’s you) so that they (that’s you aswell) no longer have to wade through dusty sheds to reach unwieldy piles of cut to size timber or wait around in the cold for help to turn over a random stack of boards and then stand around guessing or working your fingers to the bone on a pocket calculator to figure out how much ‘that bit’ will cost… that’s all in the past.

Because you have The Rack!


Like the sound of piles of timber to rummage through?
Fancy a woodworking project to get you out in the garden shed over the Christmas holidays?

We don’t blame you.

Well, you’d better come over and have a look and find yourself a nice bit of treasure. We’ll try and save you something nice.

See you soon!



Rack Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 4.30pm

WYSIWYG = what you see is what you get

Check our wild and figured stock to get an idea of what you might find in the timber rack wood shop

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