We believe you know what you want.

And even when you don’t, you probably do when you see it.

If you’re a woodworker who’s designs and projects are dependent on the appearance of your wood, the flow of grain, the positioning of knots, the shape of the edges and the feel in your hand, then choosing your own wood is part of the making process.

We get it.

In fact it’s important to us too.

We’d like everyone to feel that way. We’ve been lovingly tending our wood in the hope that one day it pleases someone beyond it’s innate function and that the trees and logs and boules and boards we’re working with today will be the treasured heirlooms or sought after design pieces of tomorrow.

And that starts with you, caring enough about what you do to select your own timber.

So don’t stand on ceremony, get that tape measure & notepad out and start selecting for your next project, out there in the woodyard or in here online…


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