Thinking cut to size timber is thinking numbers.

It’s all about the millimetres, the quarter girths, the nominal thicknesses and the finished lengths.

Numbers are an integral part of successful woodworking (measure how many times?). This woodyard has numbers with deep meanings, long histories, tapped into keyboards and written in crayon but usually attached somewhere, somehow to a cutting list.

Yes sirree, round here we live by the gospel according to cutting lists.

For joinery manufacture, for kitchens, furniture or even structural work the cutting list and the accompanying specification is our first point of contact. After the pricing and quoting process we offer a range of services to suit the manufacturing industry.

We can deliver selected boards to make as per your list with extensive stocks to call on for a quick turnaround or you can go one step further and utilise our skills, machinery and availability to enhance your own workshop capacity.

We undertake cut to size machining to order for parallel ripping (cleaning up boards to reduce waste) for first stage component manufacture or for one off cutting lists.

Our machine shop is classic combination of modern planing moulding equipment with solid, heavy duty machines, built for hardwood sawmilling of old and strong enough to handle even our largest boards.


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