The re-saw at work

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To prove it really did work once here is the machine itself in action.. the re-saw.. Graham at the helm… ripping down some fresh sawn Oak which we couldn’t do on any other machine.

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    Hi OWWM, thanks for saying Hello. It’s a shame to see these machines get melted away isn’t it? I’ll make sure I let you next time we are removong another one.. there are still more where that one came from! It’s good to know that you’re finding good homes for them.. they may be old but they do still do their job afterall!

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    Sorry to hear about the resaw. I’m a big fan of Wadkin machinery and would have loved to see that machine in action. I’ve been accumulating a number of machines at Felixstowe for export to the States. Mostly smaller machines (bench saws, tenoners, mortisers, planers/thicknessers, dovetailers), but I would have considered the resaw. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I grew up in the North East Kingdom (Vermont) in New England. We had a large woodlot and sawmill. Very archaic compared to your operation, but pretty productive.

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