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Beautiful quality FSC® Eurpoean Super Prime Oak for joinery and fine furniture making. 

Our stocks are all square-edged leaving clean, pale, fine grained boards in thicknesses ranging 20mm to 120mm, widths from 100mm to 300mm and lengths from 2.0m to 4.0m.

Prices from £1525/m3! see the STOCK

croatian OAK super prime square edge stock in the kiln dried shed

These gargantuan stacks are on the move daily… it’s a self selector’s paradise!



For the past fourteen years our source of  FSC® Super Prime Oak has been the same forest region in Croatia. Renowned for it’s sound and well grown Oaks, the supply has been reassuringly consistent in quality.

Having seen the operations first-hand Tom knows this is down to the careful log selection and the attention to detail that follows during conversion and drying.

The Croatian forest is certified under the Forest Stewardship Scheme® and our chain of custody provides  well documented assurance that the timber comes from sustainably managed forests and legal felling programs.

Oak super prime mixed thickness stack

Please ignore that terrible colour.. it’s those pesky orange lights again!



The appeal of using Super Prime Oak has got to be the consistency of grade.  It is relentlessly clean with a light, even honey colour. Of course the sizes are a massive benefit too, just look at those boards that Graham is selecting from!

This is the kind of quality & consistency you can stake your reputation on, and we know many firms who do just that.

The grade of ‘Super Prime’ literally means no knots, although the odd pip is acceptable on one face. The logs are sawn traditionally and left to fully air dry in boules. The kilning programme is set to achieve specific moisture levels for each thickness (see below) The waney edge boards are then edged to leave minimal sap and graded to produce these high grade, high yield boards.

Kiln programme (thickness /moisture %):

20, 27, 32mm  at 10-12%. 40, 50mm at 12-14%. 65, 80mm at 14-16%. 100, 120mm 16%

Oak square edge stacks with lots of quarter sawn

Every other boards’s quarter sawn in this pack. Those are centimetre measures not feet & inches…  just in case you weren’t sure!



The ability to self-select timber is something we know our customers value and enjoy, but when time is tight and you need some help we’re glad to put Peter & Graham to work on your behalf to select as per your list.

Call us on 01730 816941 or email sales@englishwoodlandstimber.co.uk and tell us what you need and we’ll get right on it (or Graham & Peter will!)

graham selecting super prime

Not every board in this pack is this wide or long… but nearly! Strings anyone?



Our Super Prime stock levels are well managed and replenished (sometimes weekly) to keep 80-100m3 in a complete range of  thicknesses  (and a high percentage of quarter sawn) allowing easy selection and availability for every requirement. Fantastic for flooring manufacture, perfect for stair-making, bespoke joinery works and fine furniture production.

Thicknesses: 20, 27, 32, 40, 50, 65, 80, 100, 120mm

Widths range : 100 – 300mm

Length ranges: 2.0 -2.4m, 2.5-2.9m, 3.0-4.0m+

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Boards 100 – 200mm wide:

20mm    £1648/m3           65mm    £2324/m3

27mm    £1525/m3            80mm    £2447/m3

32mm    £1660/m3           100mm  £3424/m3

40mm    £1752/m3           120mm  £3682/m3

52mm    £1826/m3

All prices are exc.VAT

Quarter sawn boards & widths over 200mm:

27mm    £1942/m3          52mm    £2084/m3

32mm    £1872/m3          65mm    £2472/m3

40mm    £1978/m3         80mm    £2649/m3

All prices are exc.VAT

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NB. Prices are subject to exchange rate fluctuations. Call 01730 816941 for a price check anytime!

Prices:  March 2013

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