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Oak Kiln Dried Waney Edge (Boards)
Kilned waney edge timber for internal use
Notes: Crown board - A tree within a tree - One of a series from a native English Oak log consisting of 8 boards that bare a remarkable resemblance to trees themselves, specifically Mediterranean cypress trees or the Lombardy poplar. It doesn't require much imagination to see these beautifully finished and mounted vertically side by side as wall art pieces. The complete boule consists of 11 boards, the first three being entirely burr, 070211-070213 and the eight tree like boards 070214-070221.
Dimensions: 54mm Th x 750mm W x 4.4m L
Certification: GROWN IN BRITAIN-S
Origin: England
Species: Oak
Dense, tan-brown hardwood w/ golden hues & wide variety of grain patterns. More information >

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Item #: 070220

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