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Oak Kiln Dried Waney Edge (Boards)
Kilned waney edge timber for internal use
Notes: Centre board - A timber lovers dream! With bark inclusions, burr waney edges and it's pippy/starburst feature figuring together with some character feature knots this burr log has yielded some truly special one of a kind English oak boards. The boards in the series include 070231, 070232, 070233, 070234, 070236, 070237, 070238, 070239, 070241, 070242 and 070243.
Dimensions: 65mm Th x 1,250mm W x 2.9m L
Certification: GROWN IN BRITAIN-S
Origin: England
Species: Oak
Dense, tan-brown hardwood w/ golden hues & wide variety of grain patterns. More information >

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Item #: 070237
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