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Walnut Kiln Dried Waney Edge (Boards)
Kilned waney edge timber for internal use
Notes: This Walnut board comes from a very unique log with an extraordinarily huge crotch in its mid-section. The board width measure listed here is taken before the crotch as an average width with the crotch itself being significantly wider! This individual board has remarkable figuring and a stunning waney edge. There is a cenyre crack running from the butt approximately 1.1m up. 1 large splay knot near the butt and a bark inclusion.
Dimensions: 70mm Th x 870mm W x 3.7m L
Origin: North America
Species: Walnut
Sought after hardwood w/ wide range of colours & grain patterns. More information >

Price: £1,317.90 (+ VAT)
Rate: £6,900.00 m3
Item #: 069333
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