Prunus Avium


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Cherry heartwood is pale pinkish-brown with a common green streak. Fine even grain. Tough, hard timber with medium moisture movement, moderately durable. Works well on straight grain but can tear on crossgrain. Can be glued, stained and polished well.


In the real world…

This gorgeous homegrown timber has an interesting and varied grain pattern and a creamier colouring than you would think. It is pinky brown but sometimes has an orangey tinge, sometimes is pale. What we’re trying to say is..   it has some nice variation. It’s not a flat plain timber and it makes some lovely features for furniture making or for floors.

It is sensitive to UV as well, it can darken when exposed to UV so if you had a rug on a sunny cherry floor, for example, the rug would leave a light patch where the sunlight couldn’t reach.

Worth keeping in mind.. but probably not too much of a problem if you can use the Osmo UV Protection Oil on your wood.

The other thing to keep in mind.. I’m about to state the obvious here.. is that Cherry trees don’t grow very big (compared to an Oak or an Ash say) so the logs we convert and the boards we get from Cherry aren’t very grand dimensions… that is perhaps why Cherry has been used alot for small pieces of fine furniture, for chairmaking, for boxes and similarly small and intricate woodworks?