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Wooden & Woven

Alex Devol is Wooden & Woven. 

Wooden & Woven is incredibly finely made wooden homeware.

And art pieces. And furniture. And especially beautifully turned wooden vessels, sometimes with delicately edged with bark, sometimes with burnished and blackened, satiny grain. You really need to see them… look!

We met Alex as he was working on a very special table project using book matched black Walnut natural edged boards (you know… through & through sawn).

Intrigued to say the least and thrilled about the book matched project (we love hunting down these special sister boards) we nagged Alex until he shared some of his images of this particular piece of work. It’s always great to see the evolution of raw to made. We’re sharing the pictures with you below so you can marvel at his work too.

Want to see more? Here’s his website for you to browse to your hearts content.

And his webshop… go on, treat yourself!

Wooden & Woven is based at Whittle le Woods (honestly!) an amazing looking place between Preston and Bolton (up north :-).

The Wooden & Woven workshop is a seriously busy place so if you’d like to visit do get in touch first on the details below and Alex will get back to you.

T. 07960 026144   E.


Grown in Britain WoodStock at ecobuild

A new approach to UK hardwood timber supply


The UK imports over 90% of its hardwood and yet we leave huge amounts of the same material in our unmanaged woods. 

The woodstock project is looking at the options to improve and streamline the complex supply chain that has been identified as one of the key barriers to using more homegrown hardwood, and in turn improve UK woodlands.

A Grown in Britain consortium, led by English Woodlands Timber, has been awarded funding by the UK’s innovation agency, Innovate UK, to explore how hardwood supply chains in the UK could be improved.

Dougal Driver, Grown in Britain Chief Executive comments: “There are close to 100 million tonnes of timber in unmanaged woodlands and significant unused processing capacity throughout the UK, which the project will begin the process of unlocking. With the UK relying on high levels of imported timber this Grown in Britain project is vital to breaking down barriers within the supply chain for home-grown hardwood, making it much more accessible and readily available.


Specifically aimed at construction supply chains, project partners include the BRE, the Forestry Commission, forest and wood charity the Sylva Foundation, building contractor Willmott Dixon, and other representatives of the timber and merchant sectors. Consultants Sustainable Construction Solutions and Resource Efficiency Services are special advisors on the project. The project started on the 1st October 2015, and will run for 12 months. The findings from work stream 1 are outlined below, and the full report is available at:


As part of the initial market research, we asked processors, suppliers and consumers for their help in identifying the hardwood timber they use, how it is specified, and supply issues arising with home grown sources.

We found some interesting key points, many of which backed up the research team’s initial thoughts, including that a key reason why customers did not specify British timber was the lack of information on timber availability (quantity and species). Going forward this will be a major focus of the Grown in Britain WoodStock project.

However the research also showed that another barrier was that no appearance grading standard had been adopted for British timber, which means there is no way to maintain a consistent appearance grade across all suppliers. One of our partners, the Forestry Commission, has previously recognised this, and produced a guide called ‘Making the Grade’ which is available online at:

Charlie Law, Managing Director of research consultancy Sustainable Construction Solutions, said: “We always suspected that lack of information was a key reason why British timber was not specified; but to find out that there was no consistent appearance grading system in place surprised us! However we were pleased to see that this had been recognised and that the Forestry Commission had produced this excellent ‘Making the Grade’ resource, which we would advise the timber supply chain to adopt.





The project aims to improve the flow of hardwood timber from UK woodlands to the end customer and has five main work streams:

  1. Market research to establish the timber species and section sizes being purchased by the UK construction industry, and identify what timber is available in UK woodlands to match this, and also identify the infrastructure required to process this.
  2. Timber stock funding options that will look to increase round wood and sawn timber stocks without imposing additional risks on the supply chain.
  3. Timber supply hub that will be able to locate available timber in independent saw mills around the UK.
  4. Material efficiencies, looking at how sawn wood yields could be improved.
  5. Industry engagement, to unite and galvanise the full support of the UK timber industry.

Key Points from Market Research

  • Internal and external joinery are the main uses for hardwood
  • Oak the predominant species specified
  • Ash, Beech, Cherry, Maple, Tulipwood, and Walnut specified for internal joinery
  • Iroko, Sapele and Utile specified for external joinery
  • Lack of information a key barrier for not specifying British
  • Lack of a consistent grading standard a key issue for all
  • A belief that timber requirements cannot be met from British sources
  • British timber is (wrongly) perceived to be more expensive
  • Merchants unsure on the availability of British timber
  • Chain of custody a must; required by 80% of customers
  • Ash availability in UK woodlands would easily meet current demands
  • Existing infrastructure could easily support a 100% increase in production

For more information on the project and details of how to get involved contact:

The story of our Boules

Our sticking team is busy in the yard putting together some gorgeous fresh sawn T&T boules, all sourced from sustainable managed British woodlands.

The story of our Boules

We’ve got air dried Oak, Elm (both pippy!) Chestnut, Ash, Cedar of Lebanon, Yew, Sycamore, Plane & Beech jumping the queue straight to the kiln & into Peter’s shed ready for use. They’re a cabinetmaker’s dream!

Our logs are carefully selected from well managed British woodlands, they are cut every autumn, winter and spring* by the best sawyer in the country (he really is!).

The story of our Boules

Then they’re sticked, measured, graded & stacked in boule for air drying in the open (for a year per inch!) until thoroughly seasoned. This is the complete log traditionally sawn ‘though & through’ (T&T) so it contains crown boards (great for wide figure) and quarter sawn boards (straight grained and stable) in the same boule.

The story of our Boules

What is a Boule anyway?

Well, ‘Making the Grade‘ says a boule is:

“A stack of timber formed from a log that is sawn longitudinally by a series of successive parallel cuts with the resultant waney-edged pieces then assembled to re-create the original form of the log”

Hmm, they’re not wrong, but whilst that statement is quite true, it really doesn’t capture the romance and soul of traditional sawmilling, boule sticking and artisan wood drying associated with producing our beautiful, flat, well-seasoned, stable, unstressed boards of waney edge timber… but we’ll let them have that one anyway shall we?

Nevertheless thank you ‘Making the Grade‘ for the definition.

What can you use them for?

Let’s see, because it’s seasoned and stored outdoors, air dried boule is appropriate to use for exterior joinery, decking, exterior furniture, cladding projects and sometimes even structural work.

After kilning the moisture content is bought down to a level good for internal use. These kiln dried boules are perfect for furniture, kitchen making, cabinet making, interior joinery & flooring. With timber it’s all about what it’s going to be used for and selecting the appropriate timber for the job.

Hopefully we’ve got that covered – Just ask us for advice!

Why use boule?

If quality and board stability are important to you, if selecting your own timber, matching grain and colour, having a wide range of available dimensions, utilising all of a board for economic use, knowing where your wood comes from, having stock on hand, supporting the British Forestry & Timber Industry, knowing that your work is unique…

we could go on!

But if all these things are important to you, then boule may be the right source of timber for you and your next project.

What are ‘provenance’ & ‘certification’?

Our stocklist holds data about our timber. We have worked hard to record all the information we think will be useful.

We hold chain of custody certificates so that we can source and supply FSC, PEFC timber. We also have certification for the new Grown in Britain licensing for all British Woodland owners, woods folk, sawmillers & wood users at all stages of the chain to be able to certify all well managed, homegrown timber.

Part of the reason this is possible is that we always record the source of a log, even down to the individual forest compartment it grew in. Provenance is always available to our customers and we’re working to make that information available to everyone.

And the nitty gritty?

Species: Ash, Beech, Chestnut, Cedar of Lebanon, Elm, Lime, Oak, Plane, Sycamore, Sequoia, Scots Pine, Walnut, Yew and there’s always more! Click here to see what’s in boules stock today.

Sizes: Boules are usually cut in 20mm to 120mm thicknesses and widths go up to 1000mm or more, lengths 6.2 or more. Click here to check the stock for more in depth detail.

Grades: Find out more about grades in Making the Grade, a great reference book for anyone interested in understanding grading of homegrown species. Download a copy from our website.

Prices: All our prices are on the website against the particular boule & reflecting it’s qualities.


Watch a little film showing Graham & Grant sticking boules – click here

Watch a little film showing the guys using the Joulin vacuum lift – click here

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry

*but not summer, it’s a bit of a harsh environment (v.low humidity & lots of direct sunlight) to lay down newly sawn logs with saturated moisture content, the timber get’s put under stress, giving off moisture too fast… not our idea of quality seasoning for quality boule.

It’s all about the wood


It’s all about the wood…

Twitter has opened up a fantastic channel for English Woodlands Timber to engage with some our customers, prospective customers, suppliers and end users.

We know that this medium does not suit everyone but I wanted to share with you some of the stories we are tweeting. The challenge we have is getting the tone right. It is essential that this is not seen as a pure selling tool but as a way of delivering valuable information to our customers…

Our “Photos and Videos” TAB on Twitter is a great way of viewing our story in picture form…
We have posted a number of customer gems – here are some of my favourites;

Wicked Box Car’s American Black Walnut Table – View on Twitter

Tom Cunninghams’s Elm table with the resin infill – View on Twitter

This Sycamore Bike – my next treat!! (…..when I get taller) – View on Twitter

This Cedar of Lebanon Boule that has was cut last season and has now been kilned and sitting in the shed ………..not for long! – View on Twitter

We would welcome your comments about of TWITTER page and the quality of our tweets.

Please share your product photos with us and we will happily publish them to our 2,376+ followers.

Also, check out the English Woodlands Forestry Twitter Page – we only launched this last year and the Forestry team are already up to 725 followers…

As always, thanks so much for watching and until next time…  

From the gang at
English Woodlands Timber & Forestry

The story of the Boules

Our sticking team is busy in the yard putting together some gorgeous fresh sawn T&T boules, all sourced from sustainable managed British woodlands.

logs waiting to be cut fresh cut waney edge boules ashboules to be sticked

We’ve got air dried Oak, Elm (both pippy!) Chestnut, Ash, Cedar of Lebanon, Scots Pine, Wellingtonia, & Yew with Sycamore, Plane & Beech jumping th e queue straight to the kiln & into Peter’s shed ready for use. They’re a cabinetmaker’s dream!


The Great Pancake Day TIMBER SALE!!!


Here it is Folks… and all is revealed!

You’re looking at the TIMBER SALE PRICE LIST as it stands today (we’re not promising we won’t add more stock between now and Pancake Day!) all ready to go for

Tuesday 4th March at 9am, running until Friday 7th March at 4.30pm.

So you can get the pricelist as a PDF  and keep it on your desktop or you can browse it here in bite size chunks and then cross check it with Timber Sale stock and make yourself a nice, long picking list (+ signs) to bring Peter when you come for Pancakes‘n’Coffee!!  (Peter won’t read this so I’m safe)

Let’s start with a mix of ye olde English stock… the waney edge of waney edges.


Now, don’t tell me you’re not getting excited? Lime at £11.03/ft3!

Next is English Oak. It comes in it’s own section because there’s always SO much of it…


80mm!!!!! Seriously? Get in line people…

Now for something a little on the exotic side for all you wild adventurous types

TIMBER SALE The exotic

It’s not alot. But it’s there…

P.S. We’ve got panels too by the way (see pics below) but they’ve not been listed yet

Ok. Oooh la la!! Here’s a little Francais, Deutsche & Hrvatska for you Europhiles

TIMBER SALE The EU species

I feel sorry for the unsorted softwood stock, it doesn’t even make it to double figures!!

Watch out, here come the Americans!

TIMBER SALE The Americans

How, you might well ask, does Oak end up at £8.50/ft3???  You can’t afford not to really can you…

So there it is…

it’s all yours, sitting there ready to be loaded into your van whilst you sit and enjoy a delicious pancake and a nice hot fresh coffee for breakfast (or lunch, or tea).

But that is not all.. not by a long chalk.

Tom is keen to  squaeeze as many bargains as possible into this 4 day Sale so he was out in the yard yesterday knocking big chunks off prices of really nice stock.

Standby Ash fans…

PROMOTIONS everything

Ok woodfans. That’s all for now…

but if you have any questions call 01730 816941 or email or use our enquiry form and we’ll try and help as soon as we can.

Don’t forget you can download the whole price list here and keep it to drool over!

See you on Pancake Day!

Thanks for listening, Sarah


Less than two weeks to go now and Peter’s Shed is really taking shape. Sorting stock for the sale has really inspired Tom & Peter to pull out some nice stock.

the new rack will be fille Englsh oak 3inch and the Croatian square edge next to it English Oak 3inch Tom says these boards are in  the english walnut will ll be present and correct lovely waney edge thick oak boards Packs of waney edge and square edge all for the sale Walnut waney edge boards the leaning tower of panels the walnut stack looks tidy

Not too shabby huh?

And remember your pancakes & coffee on Timber Sale day…

the french revolution in pancake form parklife coffee extravaganza

It’s going to be pancakes for breakfast, lunch and tea!


The PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE is inching closer and we’re scurrying around the yard, gathering together all the timber goodies we can get our mitts on especially for your delight and pleasure.

So I’m sitting here after everyone’s gone home and I have the Timber Sale Stock Book on my desk… naughty me huh??!!

And I thought I’d share a few of these SHOCK -ingly stupid prices the guys are intending to surprise you with on the Pancake Day…  because I didn’t hear anyone tell me not to 😉


So far (and don’t tell anyone I told you this)…

so far, I can see Maple ( I know I already told you that one before, but I have more info) It’s the No.2 colour Maple & the big hint is  ‘think 5 0 per cent’ (!!!)

I am not even kidding.

Next, Sycamore (Maple related.. why not mix them??) selected into packs at £500/m3 (£14.16/ft3 to you imperialists). I thought that was wrong when I looked it up just now, but it is   the absolute TRUTH!! There are boards too but I don’t have a price on them yet. Doesn’t take a genius to work out they might be similar though…

Anyway. Let us continue.

A few pages on and it looks like we’ve got French character grade waney edge Oak at … well… if I say it’s the same as some of our Fresh Sawn Structural Oak and it’s cheaper than the Air Dried Structural Oak you’ll get the picture. There’s tonnes of it too. I’m just reading down the list… 54mm, 45mm, 41mm, 34mm, more 54mm, more 34mm and then…

Well looky here!

We have Parana PIne! You didn’t know we did that did you?? No. That’s because we don’t usually, and we won’t do again after you’ve bought this little lot at some ridiculous bargain price that I don’t even know because Tom hasn’t done that sheet yet. Sorry. But it’s there, nonetheless. Being Piney.

Speaking of which. Softwood. Unsorted. You know the stuff. I have no idea about the price but that stuff is horrendously cheap in the first place so goodness what’ll be once Tom’s decided it’s going. Bound to be a bargain. And actually, I used it for loads of stuff at home and it’s perfectly nice.

Ok, next page and we have… American Ash. Yup. That’s not usual English Woodlands Timber fayre either so that’ll have a bargain bucket price on it. Just 6 boards at 41 x 200 x 2.3m. Nice table top!

Where are we now then?

Hhmm. More American. Red & White Oak. It’s not alot, 6 pc’s of this, 20 pc’s of that. Pretty much all 2.4’s  or 3.2’s and in 26, 34, 41& 50mm thick. Still, a decent little selection and probably worth having in the store cupboard if you use American Oak.

These two are in the same vein too, Meranti & Iroko. I don’t want to mean here people but please, come and take them away. It’s a few pieces, like the American Oak (but longer!) and we won’t want to keep them after the sale day so you’re onto a winner here. Mind you, I can’t see a price yet but this is not the stuff we want to be hugging and caressing for the next however long. Please take it away and leave us to our English waney edge lovelies. PLEASE!!

So just incase you’ve been mesmerised by the bargains and have forgotten what all the fuss is about… we’re talking about the PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE!!!

WHERE? Our place of course!

WHEN? Shrove Tuesday (that’s Pancake Day to us heathens) which is March 4th this year.

WHAT? Wood, silly…

Back soon with more sneaky sale updates.

Night night people. Wishing you sweet, wood-filled dreams!

Your faithful woodblogger, Sarah

P.S. I’ll be back with pictures any day so don’t you go anywhere…


The Great PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE is officially  ON!!!!

So woodfans, the cat is finally out of the bag.

We’ve booked the Pancakes (yum!)

french revolution crepes NutellaCrepe

And we’ve booked the Coffee (caffeinated yum!)

parklife coffee for pancake day timber sale

And we’ve even booked the Maple* (the wood not the syrup)

the maple

Now you definitely want to come don’t you?!?


Well folks, that’s just the beginning.

Stay tuned for more from the PANCAKE DAY TIMBER SALE list of goodies‘.

What’s that you say? Maple’s not your flavour?

Ok, then, what would you, seasoned connoisseur of all things wood and good, like to take home on your roofracks after a hard day of  sugar fuelled wood shopping at the Pancake Day Timber Sale, hhmmm?

Go on, heckle us, you know you want to…

01730 816941

Talk to you soon!

From Sarah & the  slightly peckish English Woodlands Timber gang

* So, I happen to know that we have No.2 colour Maple (N.American) in the sale, and I mean really in the sale! And I heard the words Norway Maple (homegrown)  too as a little accompaniement to the main course Mapleif  Maple’s your flavour be here on the 4th of March!!



Did we mention Maple and Norway Maple?

What wikipedia says about Shrove Tuesday

Perfect pancake the BBC way

Nigella’s american pancakes (we can personally vouch for these)

A history of pancake racing in Olney, where ever that is

Got a question? We’re only a call away on 01730 816941 or  email us on

Thanks for listening lumber lovers

The Timber SALE…


Hey Woodfans!

There’s a new  TIMBER SALE in town folks, and it’s happening on the Tuesday 4th March, that’s PANCAKE DAY!!!

So, we know you love this page but don’t spend too much time wandering down memory lane with it’s bargains past.. we have bargains present and future to think about!

Find out more here,

Sign up for alerts here

Register for a pancake here!!



Well folks, that was the SALE that was. If you missed it don’t be disappointed, there’s plenty more where all that came from.

Just sign up to the mailing list on the contacts page and be the first to get the inside scoop the next time around…

and there will be a next time.. we promise!


It had to end sometime people, and that time is this Friday, the 15th of March…  but until then? … the wood world’s your oyster!


Here’s a recap on PRICES:

                 Species                        Th mm                       Price                               Grade
KD.WE  English Ash                  54mm              £18/ft3 (£635.67/m3)          Prime
KD.WE  English Cherry           27mm              £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Cherry           34mm              £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Cherry           41mm               £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Cherry           54mm               £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Cherry           65mm               £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Walnut          27mm               £30/ft3 (£1059.44/m3)        ungraded
KD.WE  English Walnut          34mm               £30/ft3 (£1059.44/m3)        ungraded
KD.WE  English Walnut          41mm               £30/ft3 (£1059.44 /m3)       ungraded
KD.WE  English Oak                 27mm               £20/ft3 (£706.29/m3)          Brown/Tiger
KD.WE  English Oak                 80mm               £24/ft3 (£847.55/m3)          Character
KD.WE  French  Oak                 20mm               £28/ft3 (£988.81/m3)         Prime depareille
KD.WE  French  Oak                 27mm               £28/ft3 (£988.81/m3)          l.pip + char
KD.WE  French  Oak                 100mm             £30/ft3 (£1059.44/m3)        Character
KD.WE  French  Oak                 120mm             £30/ft3 (£1059.44/m3)        Character
KD.WE  English Yew                 27mm               £20/ft3 (£706.29/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Yew                34mm                £20/ft3 (£706.29/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Yew                 41mm               £20/ft3 (£706.29/m3)          ungraded
KD.WE  English Yew                 54mm               £20/ft3 (£706.29/m3)          ungraded

Now, keep calm and pick up the phone…  01730 816941

P.S. KD.WE means kiln dried waney edge…


English OAK at £20/ft3 (£706.291/m3)

Kiln dried waney edge (T&T) English Oak 27mm in brown and tiger stripe!! Yes really!

English Oak 27mm stack of brown and tiger  English Oak 27mm brown and tiger  English Oak 27mm stack of brown n tiger

What do we know about the Brown Oak?

Well, look at this picture it is a real WOW! The thing that really strikes me is the scale… these must have been giant trees to produce this scale of grain. It’s going to be hard to let these boards go, but go they must. So they’re what you’d expect from English Oak really, a smooth, caramelly colour  but with a generous helping of chocolatey brown grain, some drama in the tiger stripe, and some outsize dimension.

There’s not a massive amount of it as you can see, but there’s certainly enough timber there to have fun selecting your boards.. I can see it now “I want this one…  no I want this one…  and I want this one”

So, 27mm brown English Oak for £20/ft3…  I’ll say it again….  £20/ft3!!!!!!!

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST for more info on stock or our species page for more info on Oak 

Timber sales 01730 816941 or  Contact Us


French OAK at £28/ft3 (£980.81/m3) ungraded

Kiln dried waney edge (T&T) French Oak in Prime depareille.

kiln dried oak french 18mm depareille detail kiln dried French waney edge Oa 18mm depareille kiln dried oak french 18mm depareille through and through kiln dried Oak 18mm depareille

So what do we know about the Oak depareille?

Well, it’s through & through Prime French Oak, boards selected from boules (hence the name) for cleanness, flatness and widths (200-500mm) specifically for panel-making. Door panels, kitchen cupboards, wall panelling and furniture work… take your pick. It is at 18mm but it’s so flat you could probably get away with 15 or even 14mm at a squeeze and if you want to go lower you’ll be more likely to keep the stability because it’s been sawn and dried so thin.

We love it because it doesn’t have alot of drama going on knot-wise or heart crack -wise so it’s really easy to use…  just take the first board off the top of the stack, and it’s the kind of stuff you can square edge and go…  soooooo little waste.

So, 18mm Prime French Oak for £28/ft3… with a waste factor to warm the cockles of your heart on a chilly February morning.

Oh! I nearly forgot to say… the packs we have in are at 2.2 – 3.1m ish with the majority at about 3.0m. I’m thinking a big pair of double layered panelled Oak front doors… mmmmm yummy!

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST for more info on stock or our species page for more info on Oak 

Timber sales 01730 816941 or  Contact Us


English CHERRY at £15/ft3 (£529.67/m3) ungraded

This is our kiln dried waney edge (T&T) English Cherry in what we’re calling ‘ungraded’ because we know it’s a real ‘liquorice-allsort’ of a stack.

KILN DRIED WANEY EDGE ENGLISH CHERRY STOCK  english cherry board detail  english cherry board detail for timber sale english cherry stack

So what do we know about the Cherry?

We know that, like the Walnut, there’s a good chance it’s been picked through for the good widths, but having said that they’re not the smallest boards I’ve ever seen….   and we know some boards have that typical Chery warp (the propeller syndrome) but we also know there is some beautiful timber in there too… how do we know? Because we saw a table made out of it the other day that nearly made Peter fall off his forklift in shock..

So 27mm, 34mm, 41mm 54mm & 65mm Cherry at £15/ft3… ???!!!!! Well, it’s not going to be here for long, but for today…  it’s s yours if you want it… so come and get it!

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST for more info on stock or our species page for more info on Cherry

Timber sales 01730 816941 or  Contact Us


English YEW at £20/ft3 (£635.67/m3) ungraded

This is our kiln dried waney edge (T&T) English Yew in 27mm, 34mm, 41mm &54mm  in what we’re calling ‘ungraded’ (example in pic)

Cute little waney edge yew board  Kiln dried Yew stack
So what do we know about the Yew?

We know there’s some very aged stock in there (fave of the cabinet makers – we know), so you might find boards over 10 years old. If we’re really honest we haven’t looked through this stack properly for months (although Chris had a look through last week with super duper furniture maker Nathan from Rams Design & came in from the yard slightly over excited at how great it was). Knowing our stock  it’s bound to contain some treasures… but there will be alot more of the ‘unique’ than the ‘standard’… and I suppose that’s why Peter & Tom want it shifted… so it’s all yours!

Stock available? 27mm, 34mm, 41mm 54mm Yew at £20/ft3 instead of £35/ft3…  that’s gotta be worth a trip surely??!!

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST  for more info on stock or our species page for more info on Yew

Timber sales 01730 816941 or Contact Us


English WALNUT at £30/ft3 (£1059/m3) ungraded

This is our kiln dried waney edge (T&T) English Walnut in what we’re calling ‘ungraded’ because we know we’re not going to have time to sort this stack and we need the space urgently. You could say it’s graded to sell!

english walnut stack in sale

So what do we know about the Walnut?

We know it’s been picked through for all the good widths (really… all? hmm… I’ll get back to you about that) we know it’s not long,  but there are some sizable boards in the stack (pictures to follow) and the stack is 4m3 (140ft3) so not nothing by any means. You likes your Walnut you takes your pick…

So 27mm, 34mm & 41mm Walnut at £30/ft3… need we say more??!!

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST  for more info on available stock and out species page for more info on Walnut

Timber sales 01730 816941 or  Contact Us


English OAK at £24/ft3 (£847.55/m3) Character

This is our kiln dried waney edge (T&T) English Oak, 80mm  Character grade (example in pic – big LHS board)

kiln dried waney edge english Oak 80mm board
So what do we know about the Oak?

The good old English Oak. We know you don’t really need to be told anything about everyone’s favourite wood, the Oak. But we do know that this reduced price stock is not long. It’s lengths up to 2.2 m to be precise.

We had a few boules back in the day that were short… or actually some long boules that were too long and got cut down… and that’s where these little cuties came from. Not that little though are they?! Some of these boards weigh in at over 100kg each… Yikes! But if you want nice chunky table tops or worktops these boards are your man…

See our Packs & Boards STOCKLIST  for more info on available stock and out species page for more info on Oak

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Kiln Dried Waney Edge Boards


Waney edge boards are our undeniable treasure trove. They’re the staple of our woodyard, the largest range of all the board stocks and the basis for nearly all of our timber products.

As professional as we try to be here at Cocking, we all go a little weak at the knees when it comes to the kiln dried waney edge boards (Through & Through sawn boards). The T&T boule is the traditional method of timber production, the conversion from the log as it has been for decades, if not centuries.

Our waney edge stocks are varied and extensive and they change every day. See our current stocks of  Ash, Beech, Cedar of Lebanon,  Cherry, Chestnut, Elm, Maple, Oak, Plane,  Sycamore, Walnut

Whether you are a bespoke furniture maker, a specialist joiner, a kitchen maker or you just want a plank of raw wood for a table top, our waney edge boards stock is fabulous and will give your project the edge over a more standardised source of timber.

You will have the whole intact boards to work with, to get maximum use out of. With T&T boards you can utilise the  characteristics of the species that may otherwise have been discarded in the grading and selection process of pack timber.

We’re always very happy for our customers to come sightseeing, to look through the sheds and to select your own timber. We’re also more than happy to pick the timber to your specifications and to send it anywhere in the world that you would like.

Here in the yard we joke about the trials and tribulations of our work but one thing remains true and is worth remembering… there will never be another of the board you are looking now.

T&T boards are individuals, they are unique and will never be repeated. It makes sense for us to treasure them, so we can pass them on to you to create your treasures.

We’re happy for you to visit the woodyard to select your own boards and to get an idea of what you’ll find when you get here search our online stock to in the comfort of your own home or send us your  list requirements on the form below

If you have a questions, don’t hesitate to talk to us.


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See the Kiln Dried Waney Edge Board stock

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See Boards by Species Ash, Beech, Cedar of Lebanon,  Cherry, Chestnut, Elm, Maple, Oak, Plane,  Sycamore, Walnut

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For more information on furniture designed and made by Boxheart contact Jennifer Low

1 Chart Cottages, Green Lane, Stanmore, Harrow London HA7 3AB

T. 07791 394272  E.
What Jennifer at Boxheartsays about us;

” The project I had lined up was a small occasional table which required waney edged quarter sawn Oak.
I had tried so many places to find the Oak and had only located it with one company … who could deliver but the cost was far beyond what I was willing to pay. I remember that another cabinetmaker had mentioned that he had gone to you for the same timber so I gave you a call. You were half the price of the other company and as I didn’t need long lengths I could easily drive and collect the timber myself.
After a drive through some of the most beautiful countryside, I was directed to the warehouse (so well organised and stocked it was a pleasure) where I met two chaps who were fantastic and helpful beyond my expectation, I hand picked and purchased two planks of Oak and one plank of American Black Walnut which were all cut to length to fit in my car. I couldn’t be more pleased.
The timber was brilliantly stable and the quartering was plentiful. I have plans for the remaining timber so I’ll keep you posted.”
We hope she will!

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