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54mm Th x 540mm W x 3.3m L
£187.20 (+ VAT)
Rate: £1,950.00 m3
Item #: 080741
80mm Th x 420mm W x 4.4m L
£288.60 (+ VAT)
Rate: £1,950.00 m3
Item #: 080738
80mm Th x 510mm W x 4.3m L
£341.25 (+ VAT)
Rate: £1,950.00 m3
Item #: 080733
80mm Th x 600mm W x 4.3m L
£401.70 (+ VAT)
Rate: £1,950.00 m3
Item #: 080732

Oak Boards


Oak is our bread and butter, and that goes for many of you joiners, framers, builders and furniture makers too. We know that finding a good, reliable source of Oak boards is half the battle.

When every job or project puts different criteria on the timber, we have to reflect that myriad of variations by stocking every conceivable option in Oak boards. That’s what we endeavour to do.

We know we also need to be consistent. Once you’ve found a stock source that works for you we need to make sure you can rely on it, for quality, for availability and for price.

Here are some selected waney edge and square edge Oak graded stocks that we know are going to fit the bill:


waney edge oak stacks and racks at english woodlands timber super prime oak square edge oak  prime oak square edge  character oak square edge banner photo white

For a deeper knowledge of OAK & OAK GRADES visit our Oak Species page

If you’re looking more than regular Oak stock, for one off boards, special specifications, unusual figure or outsize dimensions then our  MORE BOARDS page might be useful.

MORE BOARDS  holds our WILD & FIGURED board selection along with quick links to SUPER THICKSUPER WIDESUPER LONG boards, all specially selected for either width, length, thickness or unusual and unique grain patterns.



Want to visit the woodyard and select your own boards? Here’s how.

Need profiles & moulding? Visit our PROFILE LIBRARY or download the PROFILE LIBRARY pdf

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