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Oak is our bread and butter. That goes for many joiners, framers, builders and furniture makers too.

We know that finding a good, reliable source of Oak boards is half the battle.

When every job or project puts different criteria on the timber, we have to reflect that myriad of variations by stocking every conceivable option in Oak boards. That’s what we endeavour to do. We know we also need to be consistent. Once you’ve found a stock source that works for you we need to make sure you can rely on it, for quality, for availability and for price.

Here are some selected waney edge and square edge Oak graded stocks that we know are going to fit the bill:

waney edge oak stacks and racks at english woodlands timber super prime oak square edge oak prime oak square edge character oak square edge banner photo white

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For a deeper knowledge of Oak and Oak grades visit our Oak Species page

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If you’re looking for MORE than regular Oak for one off boards, special applications, unusual figure or outsize dimensions then our MORE BOARDS page might be useful.

The MORE BOARDS page holds our WILD & FIGURED board selection along with quick links to SUPER THICK, SUPER WIDE, SUPER LONG boards.

All stock listed here is specially selected for either oversize width, length or thickness as well as unusual and unique grain patterns.



waney edge oak boards all named and priced in the hardwood timber rack he wide board planer makes waney edge boards smooth up to 800mm some of our boards have wild and figured grain but every boards is unique wood fresh sawn oak boards being sticked and made into boules natural edge pippy oak waney edge boards lined up in the timber rack for the september half price wood sale english woodlands timber character grade oak boards english woodlands timber prime grade oak Super Prime Oak