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These  are our Prime Oak kiln dried squares.

Purpose cut and dried in the nominal sizes for specialist joinery & furniture applications as an alternative to using  full width boards.

They achieve a greater stability* in the timber. The result is timber that is ideal for newel posts, table legs, framing and other joinery & furniture work.

An alternative to our solid squares are drilled squares. The same grade of timber as the solid squares but crucially this timber has been kilned. A 25mm (1″) diameter hole has been drilled down the length of the squares (even the 3.6ms & up!) which reduces the thickness to less than 75mm which allows for kilning and therefore a lower moisture content, and potentially, a greater stability.

If you don’t need to see the top of your newel posts or bed posts (the hole is visible…) then perhaps the drilled squares are for you!

NB. Our kiln dried squares are French Oak and therefore are ideally suited to use with French or English Oak that has been treated similarly over its life re: seasoning and is of a similar colouring.

Certification:   PEFC

*timber over 75mm (3″) cannot be kilned therefore cannot have moisture levels brought down to ideal levels for internal use.


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kiln dried drilled oak squares tunrded for newell posts showing the cavity which helps stability kiln dried drilled oak squares pack 700mm 900mm kiln dried drilled oak squares machined and turned kiln dried drilled oak squares turned as newell posts kiln dried drilled oak squares close kiln dried drilled oak squares pack


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