Hand Riven Laths

Hand Riven Laths

Our traditional Hand Riven Chestnut Laths are the artisan lime plasterers dream. Our quality is exceptional, our supply is plentiful and our prices are the very best in the industry.

For over 10 years now our hand riven laths have been used in lime plastering work up and down the country. From everyday plastering in traditional buildings to the restoration of the grand houses and historic palaces of England, our traditionally made laths are helping to maintain integrity and quality of heritage restoration works.

The purpose of the riven lath, as opposed to sawn lath, is to provide extra grab for the fibrous lime plaster. The splitting follows the grain down the wood and leaves an uneven ‘reeded’ surface. This means that the plaster will stick and grip, even on ceilings. The uneven & irregular nature of this tradition building material is the key to it’s quality and usefulness.

The quality of our laths is unbeatable. The Chestnut coppicers are great crafstmen and great care is taken over every stage of lath production, from the management of the woodland rotation, to selection of the standing timber, the cutting, the storing and not least of all the actual lath splitting which is very highly skilled work in itself. The attention to detail in the production of our hand riven laths is exceptional.

The coppice is a very traditional and highly sustainable form of  woodland management that produces a harvest of Sweet Chestnut round timber that is perfect for the production of incredible durable building materials.

When you use our traditional hand riven Chestnut laths you are supporting not only the sustainable coppicing of Chestnut woodlands across the south east of England but dozens of lifelong woodsmen who are dedicated to preserving their skilled trade by educating the next generation of coppicers and lath splitters without whom houses like Clivedon, Petworth, Sion, Hampton Court and Windsor Castle could not be cared for.

We keep stocks of 3ft, 3ft6 and 4ft lengths in bundles of 50 pieces and prices start at for 29p/ft +VAT per foot. See our Lath stock 

Delivered straight to your door for your lime plastering projects from the coppiced woodlands of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire!

Certification:  Grown in Britain 



sweet chestnut hand riven lath stack South Downs Way and traditional hand riven Chestnut laths  sweet chestnut hand riven lath bundles waiting for the next lime plaster job   sweet chestnut hand riven lath bundles waiting for the next lime plasterer to call TWP.HRL.traditional woodland products sweet chestnut hand riven laths palletted for shipping to ireland


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