There are SO many engineered  flooring options it can be hard to know where to start so we’re  going to try to keep things simple.

You’ll see Engineered flooring is very similar to a solid floor, it’s is tongued and grooved all the way round, including the ends. It has a microbevel to negate the need for sanding when fitted (thank goodness!). It comes in sealed packs, fixed length but with two shorter pieces in each pack (no need to cut the nice long boards when fitting). There’s even an option that of an unfinished Oak floor so you can match the finish to your existing floors.

Why choose an engineered floor?

The main reason is that engineered floors are preferred for laying over underfloor heating and they don’t need the same level of acclimatisation (1 week should suffice) prior to laying.

They’re also available in different thicknesses, so if you have a low floor to ceiling height and every mm counts, or you want less insulation against your nice new underfloor heating system, a 14mm can make it count!

Engineered floors tend to come in a really good choice of finishes too, so you can find something to suit your style or taste that really is ready to go!


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