Air Dried Boules

Air Dried Boules

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Our English logs are sawn through & through, sticked and stacked, in boule form, in our yard for air drying (for a year per inch!) every autumn, winter and spring until dry enough to be kilned.

Until that time they are available for exterior joinery, furniture making, cladding projects and structural work.

We keep boule stock in as many species as we can, usually Ash, Oak, Chestnut, Elm, Cedar of Lebanon, Walnut & Yew as a minimum. Inthose species we keep as many thicknesses as we can to be able to supply full cutting lists for joinery and furniture making i.e. 18 – 100mm if poss.

We also offer a bespoke sourcing and sawmilling service to makers that want to season their own stock boules or have a requirement in atypical dimensions.

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Product Info BL.Boules of waney edge timber



  Tom inspecting Brian Harman's round timber lorry delivering in fresh sawn boules boules logs are cut into boules of waney edge boards left to season for a year per inch inthe yard boards being taken off the bandsaw at helmdon sawmill to make waney edge boules of english oak for Cocking sawmill the first cut of an english oak log at helmdon sawmill   


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For more on timber certification:  Grown in Britain, FSC & PEFC

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