Kiln Dried Square Edge Boards

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27mm Th
£787.84 (+ VAT)
Rate: £2,373.00 m3
Item #: 026302
27mm Th
£2,218.76 (+ VAT)
Rate: £2,373.00 m3
Item #: 026301
27mm Th
£2,187.91 (+ VAT)
Rate: £2,373.00 m3
Item #: 026300
75mm Th x 195mm W x 3.5m L
£223.13 (+ VAT)
Rate: £4,375.00 m3
Item #: 078631

Kiln Dried Square Edge Boards


Kiln dried square edge boards stock is a great way to buy timber.

It’s very quick when you’re doing your own square edge board selection (which of course you’re welcome to do!) because you can usually see the dimensions easily, and they’re usually in great sizes and also fixed widths (great for flooring).

Square edge boards are much easier to handle than through & through and probably easier to load in the back of your truck and to store in your workshop.

To read more about what we offer in square edge click on your choice of species: BeechCherryDouglas Fir, LarchMapleOak, Tulipwood

We try to keep a nice range of square edge stocks in as many thicknesses as possible, nice widths and lengths and in a variety of grades and species  particularly suited to joinery, machine profiling and flooring manufacture (those extra wide boards are a favourite).

Any questions, don’t hesitate to talk to us  or if you have a cutting list send it on over on the form below…

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