Shakes are a funny name for what most people call ‘shingles’. They are the handmade version of the modern sawn shingle.

The name was probably a reference to the timber they used to make them out of i.e. it was probably ‘shakey’ (woodspeak for logs with splits in) which makes sense as this product just takes advantage of the natural tendency of the wood to split on felling and drying.

Hand riven shakes are fairly rare and sourcing them depends on availability of an uncommon level of skill and experience in coppicers and woodland workers. At times in the past we’ve been fortunate enough to find  just such a maker but in recent years it hasn’t been possible.

Luckily we can provide a superb alternative in our bias cut shingles.

They’re very different. They’re much smoother, more regular, they’re easier to install as it happens, being flat and even, but they are comparable to shakes. They mimic the traditional shake in their full length face grain. That intact grain means water runs off rather than soaks up into endgrain. That means increased durability and longevity when compared against regular sawn shingles.

So whilst we wish we had oodles of shakes to fulfill the shingle wants and needs of roofers and cladding installers across the land right now we can offer Bias Cut Shingles until the cows come home or the coppicers get more support and can make a better living from their very sustainable and particular methods of woodlands management…

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