Pippy Oak? No Burr-oblem

Mar 9, 2012 | english hardwoods, furniture timber, round timber

Now tell me that doesn’t look edible to you..?? Well it’s not a Burr Oak souffle more’s the pity…  we’d be sorted for lunch!

It’s just an amazingly pippy Oak log that Dave Fry dropped off on that first load from Floors.


It’s a smallish boule of through and through… not seen the measures yet so can’t give you sizes but I spotted some giant Burry Oak logs stacking up waiting to be sticked after this one.

Graham and Grant are busy with the camera and the tape measure so I’ll share more pictures soon.


As an aside, if anyone out there loves to use Pippy Oak… you’re very welcome to come and put dibs on a log…

If you haven’t seen Burry Oak in our shed before it’s probably because it doesn’t often make it all the way to the kiln dried stock shed…  so get it whilst it’s not hot! 

To see burr Oak used in classical fine furniture work visit Country Ways Oak website  http://www.countrywaysoak.co.uk/store/erol.html#22415X0  they make the most stupendous refectory tables.. the giants of the table world!

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